Azim Premji Religion Wikipedia, Wiki, Date Of Birth, Biography, House, Age, Net Worth, In Rupess, Donation, Business

Azim Premji Religion Wikipedia, Wiki, Date Of Birth, Biography, House, Age, Net Worth, In Rupess, Donation, Business

Azim Premji Religion Wikipedia, Wiki, Date Of Birth, Biography, House, Age, Net Worth, In Rupess, Donation, Business – Azim Hashim Premji, often hailed as the “Bill Gates of India,” is a prominent figure in the business world, celebrated for his contributions as an Indian business tycoon, investor, and philanthropist. Born on July 24, 1945, in Bombay, British India, Premji has left an indelible mark on the corporate landscape. This narrative dives into various aspects of his life, providing insights into his early years, education, family background, personal life, career, and the controversies that have shaped his journey.

Azim Premji Religion Wikipedia, Wiki, Date Of Birth, Biography, House, Age, Net Worth, In Rupess, Donation, Business
Azim Premji Religion Wikipedia, Wiki, Date Of Birth, Biography, House, Age, Net Worth, In Rupess, Donation, Business

Azim Premji Biography:

Full NameAzim Hashim Premji
NicknameBill Gates of India
Date of BirthJuly 24, 1945
Age (2024)Approx 79 Years Old
BirthplaceBombay, British India
ProfessionIndian Business Tycoon, Investor, and Philanthropist
ReligionShia Muslim
Zodiac SignLeo
Net Worth$17.5 billion

Azim Premji Early Life & Background:

Azim Premji’s early life unfolded in the bustling city of Bombay, where he was born to Mohamed Hashem Premji, a renowned industrialist known as the “Rice King of Burma,” and Gulbanoo Premji, a doctor. His roots traced back to Kutch in Gujarat, and despite an invitation from Jinnah to move to Pakistan during the partition, his father chose to stay in India. Azim faced an unexpected turn of events in 1966 when his father’s sudden demise led him to leave his bachelor’s degree unfinished and take charge of Western Indian Vegetable Products Ltd, later known as WIPRO Ltd.

Azim Premji Measurements:

Standing at a height of 157 cm (5′ 2″) and weighing 65 kg (143 lbs), Azim Premji may not tower over the corporate world in physical stature, but his influence far surpasses these measurements. With dark brown eyes and greying hair, Premji exudes an air of wisdom and experience.

Height157 cm (5′ 2″)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourGrey

Azim Premji Education Qualification:

Despite leaving his engineering degree incomplete in 1966 due to family circumstances, Azim Premji’s dedication to education remained steadfast. In 2000, he completed his engineering degree, showcasing a commitment to continuous learning. His academic journey included studying at St. Mary School in Mumbai and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in California, USA.

SchoolSt. Mary School, Mumbai, India
UniversityStanford University, California, USA

Azim Premji Family Background:

Azim Premji’s family background is marked by a rich legacy of business acumen. His father, Mohamed Hashem Premji, was a prominent industrialist, while his mother, Gulbanoo Premji, contributed to the medical profession. He has a brother, Faroukh M.H. Premji, and his family follows the Shia Islam faith.

FatherMohamed Hashem Premji
MotherGulbanoo Premji
BrotherFaroukh M.H. Premji
WifeYasmeen Premji
SonRishad Premji
SonTariq Premji

Azim Premji Relationship Status:

Away from boardrooms and business strategies, Azim Premji’s personal life reflects simplicity and diverse interests. Hiking, jogging, and playing golf are among his hobbies. Known for his down-to-earth nature, he has often expressed his admiration for his mother and aims to emulate her actions.

Azim Premji is a married man, his wife being Yasmeen Premji, an accomplished author and philanthropist. The couple has two sons, Rishad Premji and Tariq Premji, both making their mark in the business world. Despite being in the public eye, details about his affairs or relationships before marriage remain undisclosed.

Azim Premji Net Worth:

Azim financial success is a testament to his business acumen. With an estimated net worth of approximately $17.5 billion, he stands as one of the wealthiest individuals in India. His wealth is not just a symbol of personal success but also a tool for philanthropy and societal development.

Azim Premji Controversy:

The path to success is often marred by challenges, and Azim Premji is no exception. In 2022, he found himself entangled in legal proceedings initiated by a Bengaluru court for alleged corruption. R. Subramanian, founder of the Subhiksha group, issued a public apology for the harassment caused to Premji and his family, closing a chapter of frivolous litigation cases against them. The apology acknowledged a misunderstanding of facts and legal provisions, leading to unwarranted allegations.

Subramanian, head of the NGO India Awake for Transparency, had filed numerous cases against Premji since 2016. The Karnataka High Court convicted him for contempt of court, emphasizing the frivolous nature of the cases. The legal saga involved a Rs 500 crore defamation suit in 2013 and a recent complaint in a Bengaluru trial court alleging illegality in asset transfers.

Despite the challenges, Premji’s commitment to legal processes and his philanthropic initiatives, such as the Azim Premji Foundation, remained unwavering. The controversies underscore the complex nature of business and legal landscapes, where even the most esteemed figures face legal challenges.

Azim Premji Career Beginnings:

Career: Azim career is a narrative of transformation and adaptability. In 1966, he took charge of WIPRO Ltd, a company his father had founded in 1945. Initially focused on manufacturing cooking oil and laundry soap, Azim expanded the company’s horizons. Recognizing the potential of the emerging IT field in the 1980s, he shifted WIPRO’s focus to software and IT consulting.

Under Premji’s leadership, WIPRO evolved into one of the world’s largest IT consulting and outsourcing firms. The company’s success is not only measured in financial terms but also in its global impact. Azim ability to navigate through changing business landscapes and embrace innovation played a pivotal role in WIPRO’s success.

In 2001, he founded the Azim Premji Foundation, signaling a shift towards philanthropy. The foundation focuses on developing the elementary education system in rural government schools across India. His commitment to social causes and education reform showcases a holistic approach to success, beyond corporate achievements.

Azim Premji Social Media:

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Azim Premji Facts:

  • Philanthropy: Azim Premji is a dedicated philanthropist. The Azim Premji Foundation, established in 2001, has played a crucial role in improving education in rural India. His involvement in the Giving Pledge campaign further highlights his commitment to giving back to society.
  • Honors and Awards: Over the years, Azim Premji has received numerous honors and awards for his contributions. Notably, he was honored with the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India for his distinguished work in trade and commerce.
  • Global Recognition: TIME Magazine listed him twice in the “100 Most Influential People in the World.” His influence extends beyond India, making him a globally recognized business leader.
  • Business Ventures: In addition to his role at WIPRO, Azim Premji has made strategic investments. His foray into Subhiksha in 2008, though later described as a mistake, exemplifies his willingness to explore diverse business avenues.
  • Giving Pledge: Azim Premji became the first Indian to join the Giving Pledge, a commitment by billionaires to donate a significant portion of their wealth to philanthropic causes. This reflects his dedication to addressing societal issues.


Azim Hashim Premji’s journey from a young man thrust into a leadership role to the iconic figure he is today exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence. Beyond the business realm, his foray into philanthropy and educational reform showcases a holistic approach to success. Controversies may have tested his mettle, but his ability to navigate through challenges reaffirms his stature as a business magnate and a philanthropic force. Azim Premji’s life is a story of leadership, innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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Richest Muslim In India?

Azim Premji holds the distinction of being one of the wealthiest Muslims in India. His success in the business world, particularly in the IT industry, has contributed significantly to his financial standing.

How Much Azim Premji Donated?

Azim Premji is known for his philanthropy, having donated a substantial portion of his wealth. While the exact amount can vary over time, his contributions run into billions of dollars. His generosity has primarily focused on initiatives like education and societal development.

Why Azim Premji is known as czar of IT industry?

Azim Premji earned the title “Czar of the Indian IT Industry” due to his instrumental role in guiding Wipro through four decades of growth and diversification. His leadership positioned Wipro as a global leader in the software industry. In 2010, Asia Week recognized his influence by naming him among the 20 most powerful men globally.

Is Azim Premji a dropout?

Azim Premji did leave Stanford University after his father’s passing, interrupting his education for more than 30 years. Despite this pause, he later completed his education, showcasing his commitment to learning and continuous improvement.

Who is the owner of Wipro son?

Rishad Premji, the son of Azim Premji, is the current Executive Chairman of Wipro. Rishad has assumed a prominent role in the IT industry, following in the footsteps of his successful father, Azim Premji.

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