Alanna Panday Wikipedia, Wiki, Marriage, Wedding Date, Married, Parents, Wedding, Sister, Pregnancy, Net Worth

Alanna Panday Wikipedia, Wiki, Marriage, Wedding Date, Married, Parents, Wedding, Sister, Pregnancy, Net Worth

Alanna Panday Wikipedia, Wiki, Marriage, Wedding Date, Married, Parents, Wedding, Sister, Pregnancy, Net Worth – In the vast landscape of social media influencers, one name shines brightly—Alanna Panday. A 27-year-old fashion maven, entrepreneur, and internet sensation from Mumbai, India, Alanna has crafted a unique space for herself in the digital realm. This article unfolds the chapters of her life, from her early days to her current standing as a prominent figure in the world of social media.

Alanna Panday Wikipedia, Wiki, Marriage, Wedding Date, Married, Parents, Wedding, Sister, Pregnancy, Net Worth
Alanna Panday Wikipedia, Wiki, Marriage, Wedding Date, Married, Parents, Wedding, Sister, Pregnancy, Net Worth

Alanna Panday Biography:

Full NameAlanna Panday
Date of BirthAugust 16, 1995
Age27 years (as of 2022)
BirthplaceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Fashion Model, Entrepreneur
Zodiac signLeo
Net Worth$3 million

Alanna Panday Early Life & Background:

Born on August 16, 1995, in the vibrant city of Mumbai, Alanna Panday emerged into a life adorned with both privilege and aspiration. As the daughter of successful Indian businessman Chikki Panday, she was raised in an environment that mirrored both glamour and business acumen. Alanna’s early years were infused with the essence of her family’s illustrious connections in the Bollywood industry.

Alanna Panday Measurements:

Alanna Panday’s physical allure is complemented by her striking measurements. Standing at a height of 168 cm (5′ 6”), she maintains a weight of approximately 50 kg (110 lbs). Her figure, boasting measurements of 32-27-33, accentuates her presence as a fashion influencer and model. With black eyes and hair, Alanna’s aesthetic appeal is a significant aspect of her online persona.

Height168 cm (5′ 6”)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Figure MeasurementsBust-32 inches, Waist-27 inches, Hips-33 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size5 US

Alanna Panday Educational Qualification:

Despite being immersed in the world of glitz and glam, Alanna pursued education with dedication. She attended a local private school in Mumbai for her early education and later ventured to London, where she enrolled at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Her focus on fashion management became the cornerstone of her subsequent career endeavors.

SchoolLocal Private School, Mumbai, India
Higher EducationLondon College of Fashion, United Kingdom
DegreeGraduation in Fashion Management, London College of Fashion

Alanna Panday Family Background:

Alanna Panday’s family is a blend of business and Bollywood charisma. Her father, Chikki Panday, is a notable Indian businessman and a co-founder of the ‘Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning.’ Her mother, Deanne Pandey, contributes to the family’s wellness legacy as a professional wellness coach and author.

In the sibling domain, Alanna has a younger brother named Ahaan Panday, who is carving his path as an aspiring actor. The familial connections extend further into the realm of Bollywood, with Alanna being the niece of renowned actor Chunky Panday and the cousin of the talented Ananya Panday.

FatherChikki Panday (Successful Indian Businessman)
MotherDeanne Pandey (Wellness Coach and Author)
BrotherAhaan Panday (Aspiring Actor)
UncleChunky Panday (Renowned Bollywood Actor)
Cousin (Actress)Ananya Panday (Bollywood Actress)
CousinRysa Panday
AuntBhavna Pandey
Extended FamilySharad Pandey

Alanna Panday Relationship Status:

Beyond the glimmering lights of the media world, Alanna Panday’s personal life exudes warmth and authenticity. Her affinity for close-knit family bonds is evident through her social media posts, showcasing moments spent with her parents, brother, and extended family members.

Alanna’s journey in love has been a public spectacle. Previously in a relationship with Yudi Jaisingh from 2012 to 2020, she later found lasting love with Ivor McCray, a film director and content creator. The couple’s engagement in the Maldives in November 2021 marked a significant chapter in their love story. Their wedding on March 16, 2023, was a celebration of love and union, captured through the lens of elegance.

Alanna Panday Net Worth:

Alanna Panday’s foray into entrepreneurship, modeling, and social media has significantly contributed to her financial standing. As of now, her estimated net worth stands at a remarkable $3 million. This accumulation encompasses her earnings from collaborations, brand endorsements, and her thriving business ventures.

Alanna Panday Controversy:

In the realm of public figures, controversies are almost inevitable. Alanna Panday faced the spotlight when rumors circulated about her cousin Ananya Panday’s absence from her engagement ceremony. The subsequent clarification in a vlog quelled the speculations, explaining that Ananya’s absence was due to professional commitments, debunking any notions of family discord.

Alanna Panday Career Beginnings:

Career: Alanna Panday’s professional journey is a tale of versatility and success. As a social media influencer, she has collaborated with renowned fashion and beauty brands, solidifying her position as a tastemaker. Her YouTube channel, “Alanna & Ivor,” boasts over 160K subscribers (as of March 2023), offering viewers an intimate look into her life, travels, and fashion ventures.

Alanna’s venture into fashion modeling is underscored by collaborations with Freedom Models Los Angeles. The synergy of her online presence, entrepreneurial ventures, and modeling engagements highlights her dynamic approach to a multifaceted career.

Alanna Panday Social Media:

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here

Alanna Panday Facts:

Unveiling the lesser-known facets of Alanna Panday’s life adds a layer of relatability to her glamorous persona:

  • Engagement Announcement: Alanna shared the joyous news of her engagement to Ivor McCray on November 3, 2021, through an emotionally charged Instagram post.
  • Educational Pursuits: Alanna’s commitment to education is evident through her graduation in Fashion Management, showcasing a blend of intellectual pursuit and creative passion.
  • Friendship with Suhana Khan: Alanna’s camaraderie with Suhana Khan, daughter of Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, reflects connections beyond the immediate family circle.
  • Two-Day Extravaganza: Alanna and Ivor’s wedding ceremony spanned two days, with both donning outfits designed by the renowned Manish Malhotra, an emblem of grandeur.
  • Sweet Tooth Confession: Contrary to the glamorous image, Alanna admits to having a sweet tooth, particularly for Indian sweets, connecting with her roots.
  • First Kiss Revelation: Alanna candidly shared that her first kiss with Ivor took place at the tender age of 16, unraveling the romantic layers of her personal history.
  • Acro Yoga Enthusiast: In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, Alanna practices acro yoga with her husband, emphasizing the importance of well-being.
  • Book Teasing: Alanna’s friends affectionately compiled a book titled ‘Stupid Shit Alanna Says,’ showcasing the lighthearted aspects of her personality.


In the grand tapestry of influencers, Alanna Panday’s story is a narrative of elegance, influence, and authenticity. From her early life in the bustling city of Mumbai to her status as a celebrated social media figure, Alanna’s journey exemplifies the convergence of tradition and modernity. As she continues to make waves in the digital sphere, Alanna Panday remains an inspiration—a testament to the power of passion, family, and staying true to oneself amidst the glittering allure of the online world.

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Who is Alanna Pandey?

Alanna Pandey is a social media influencer born in 1995. She has over one million followers on Instagram, where she shares insights into her lifestyle.

What does Alanna Pandey do for a living?

Alanna Pandey is an internet celebrity, known for her presence on social media platforms. She shares aspects of her life, fashion, and experiences with her followers.

Does Alanna Panday have siblings?

Yes, Alanna Panday has a younger brother named Ahaan Panday.

Does Alanna Pandey have a sister?

There is no information suggesting that Alanna Panday has a sister.

How rich is Chunky Pandey?

Chunky Pandey, who is likely a family member of Alanna Panday, has an estimated net worth of around $21 million, equivalent to 160 crore Indian Rupees. His income comes from brand endorsements and his contributions to the film industry.

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