Ava Gardner Ethnicity, Measurements, Children, Cause of Death, relationships, Height, Birth Chart

Ava Gardner Ethnicity, Measurements, Children, Cause of Death, relationships, Height, Birth Chart

Ava Gardner Ethnicity, Measurements, Children, Cause of Death, relationships, Height, Birth Chart – Ava Lavinia Gardner, born on December 24, 1922, in Grabtown, North Carolina, was a renowned American actress who left an indelible mark on Hollywood during its Golden Age. Throughout her career, she captivated audiences with not just her beauty, but also her talent and charm. This article delves into the various facets of her life, spanning her early struggles, successful career, significant relationships, and the lasting legacy she left behind.

Ava Gardner Ethnicity, Measurements, Children, Cause of Death, relationships, Height, Birth Chart

Ava Gardner Early Life

Growing up in a humble family of seven children, Ava faced financial struggles as her parents, Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Gardner and Jonas Bailey Gardner, were poor tobacco sharecroppers. Despite these challenges, she emerged as the youngest of the siblings. The family’s relocation from North Carolina to Virginia and later to Wilson, North Carolina, showcased the resilience ingrained in Ava’s upbringing. Her high school education in Rock Ridge, completed in 1939, and brief attendance of secretarial classes at Atlantic Christian College highlighted her determination to pursue education amidst financial hardships.

Full NameAva Lavinia Gardner
Date of BirthDecember 24, 1922
Date of DeathJanuary 25, 1990
Cause of DeathPneumonia
BirthplaceGrabtown, North Carolina, USA

Ava Gardner Education Qualification

After high school, Ava pursued secretarial classes at Atlantic Christian College in Wilson for about a year. This decision reflected her commitment to education despite the financial challenges her family faced during those times.

Ava Gardner Family

Born into a large family, Ava had four sisters (Beatrice, Myra, Elsie Mae, and Inez) and two brothers (Raymond and Melvin). Her parents, Molly and Jonas, worked as tobacco sharecroppers, struggling to make ends meet. Tragically, Ava’s father passed away when she was just 15 years old, prompting the family to relocate once again. Despite these hardships, Ava’s mother, Molly, managed boarding houses to support the family, emphasizing the tenacity that shaped Ava’s character.

MotherMary Elizabeth Gardner (née Baker)Mother
FatherJonas Bailey GardnerFather
BrotherRaymond Allison
Jonas Melvin
SisterBeatrice Elizabeth
Elsie Mae
Edna Inez
Myra Merritt

Ava Gardner Marriage

Ava Gardner’s love life became a subject of considerable attention. Her first marriage was to fellow MGM contract player Mickey Rooney in 1942. However, the union was short-lived, ending in divorce in 1943. Her second marriage was to jazz musician Artie Shaw from 1945 to 1946. The most noteworthy of her marriages was with legendary singer and actor Frank Sinatra in 1951. Despite a tumultuous relationship, their marriage lasted until 1957, and they remained friends until Ava’s death in 1990.

Ava Gardner Relationships

Beyond her marriages, Ava Gardner had significant connections with other prominent figures. She befriended businessman and aviator Howard Hughes in the 1940s, maintaining a unique relationship for about 20 years. Gardner also had a close friendship with Gregory Peck, lasting until her death in 1990. Notably, she dated bullfighters Luis Miguel Dominguín and Mario Cabre during her time in Spain.

Ava Gardner Ethnicity, Measurements, Children, Cause of Death, relationships, Height, Birth Chart

Ava Gardner Religion

Although exposed to Christianity in her early years, Ava Gardner later identified as an atheist. Religion played no positive role in her life, and she remained indifferent when asked about it, stating, “It doesn’t exist.” Her stance may have been influenced by the lack of support from a preacher during her father’s illness.

Ava Gardner Net Worth

While specific figures may vary, Ava Gardner’s success in Hollywood contributed to her substantial net worth. Her career spanned several decades, and she was not only an actress but also a sought-after leading lady during the 1950s.

Ava Gardner Career

Ava Gardner’s career took off when she signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1941. Despite initial small roles, she caught critics’ attention with her performance in “The Killers” in 1946. Throughout the 1950s, she established herself as a leading lady, starring in films like “Show Boat,” “The Barefoot Contessa,” and “Mogambo,” earning an Academy Award nomination for the latter. Her career extended for three more decades, including notable films like “The Night of the Iguana” in 1964. Gardner’s impact on Hollywood is celebrated as she was ranked No. 25 on the American Film Institute’s list of greatest female screen legends.

Ava Gardner Death

In 1986, Ava Gardner faced health challenges, including a stroke resulting from lupus erythematosus and pneumonia, exacerbated by a lifetime of smoking. Despite her ability to afford medical expenses, Frank Sinatra, her ex-husband, offered to arrange for her visit to a specialist in the United States. Ava passed away on January 25, 1990, at the age of 67, in her London home at 34 Ennismore Gardens.

Ava Gardner Book

In the last years of her life, Ava Gardner contemplated writing her autobiography. She enlisted Peter Evans for this task, but their friendship cooled when Gardner discovered Evans had been sued by her ex-husband, Frank Sinatra. Despite this, Evans published notes and sections of his draft, titled “Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations,” based on their taped conversations after his death in 2012.

Ava Gardner Ethnicity, Measurements, Children, Cause of Death, relationships, Height, Birth Chart

Ava Gardner Accolades

Ava Gardner’s talent earned her recognition in the form of nominations and awards. Notably, she received an Academy Award nomination for “Mogambo” in 1953. Her role as Maxine Faulk in “The Night of the Iguana” in 1964 earned her a BAFTA Award nomination, a Golden Globe nomination, and the Silver Shell for Best Actress at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 1964.

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Ava Gardner Filmography

1941Fancy Answers (short film)
1941Strange Testament (short film)
1941Shadow of the Thin Man
1941H. M. Pulham, Esq.
1941Babes on Broadway
1942Joe Smith, American
1942This Time for Keeps (short film)
1942We Do It Because (short film)
1942Kid Glove Killer
1942Sunday Punch
1942Calling Dr. Gillespie
1942Mighty Lak a Goat (short film)
1942Reunion in France
1943Du Barry Was a Lady
1943Hitler’s Madman
1943Ghosts on the Loose
1943Young Ideas
1943Swing Fever
1943Lost Angel
1944Two Girls and a Sailor
1944Three Men in White
1944Maisie Goes to Reno
1944Blonde Fever
1945She Went to the Races
1946Whistle Stop
1946The Killers
1947The Hucksters
1948One Touch of Venus
1949The Bribe
1949The Great Sinner
1949East Side, West Side
1951My Forbidden Past
1951Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
1951Show Boat
1952Lone Star
1952The Snows of Kilimanjaro
1953The Band Wagon (Herself – uncredited)
1953Ride, Vaquero!
1953Mogambo (nominated—Academy Award)
1953Knights of the Round Table
1954The Barefoot Contessa
1956Bhowani Junction (nominated—BAFTA)
1957The Little Hut
1957The Sun Also Rises
1958The Naked Maja
1959On the Beach (nominated—BAFTA)
1960The Angel Wore Red
196355 Days at Peking
1964Seven Days in May
1964The Night of the Iguana (Nominated—BAFTA, Golden Globe, Silver Shell)
1966The Bible: In the Beginning…
1972The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
1975Permission to Kill
1976The Blue Bird
1976The Cassandra Crossing
1977The Sentinel
1979City on Fire
1980The Kidnapping of the President
1981Priest of Love
1982Regina Roma
Ava Gardner Ethnicity, Measurements, Children, Cause of Death, relationships, Height, Birth Chart

Ava Gardner Facts

  • Ava Gardner was known for her wit and pithy remarks, even describing director John Ford as “The meanest man on earth. Thoroughly evil. Adored him!”
  • She accepted the role in “The Barefoot Contessa” influenced by her own habit of going barefoot.
  • Gardner had a significant impact on Sinatra’s career, using her influence to get him cast in “From Here to Eternity,” which revitalized both his acting and singing endeavors.
  • Despite the challenges in her marriages, Gardner remained friends with Sinatra after their divorce.


Ava Gardner’s life was a journey marked by resilience, talent, and the ability to captivate audiences on and off the screen. From her humble beginnings in North Carolina to becoming a Hollywood icon, Gardner’s legacy endures. Her impact on the film industry, her complex relationships, and her unwavering spirit make her a timeless figure in the history of American cinema. Her story is not just a tale of glamour but a testament to strength and perseverance in the face of challenges.

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What was Ava Gardner’s cause of death?

Ava Gardner passed away due to pneumonia.

What is Ava Gardner’s real name?

Ava Gardner’s full name was Ava Lavinia Gardner.

Who all did Ava Gardner marry?

Ava Gardner had tumultuous marriages with actor Mickey Rooney (1942–43) and bandleader Artie Shaw (1945–46). Her marriage to singer-actor Frank Sinatra (1951–57) was one of the most famous Hollywood romances, characterized by passion and jealousy.

Did Ava Gardner sing?

Yes, Ava Gardner sang in her own voice for The Killers (1946). However, in all MGM films, her singing voice was dubbed. She even sought the role of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate (1967) and expressed her interest to the director, Mike Nichols.

Who is Evelyn Hugo based on?

Evelyn Hugo, a character from a novel, is loosely based on actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner. Both Taylor and Gardner had intriguing personal lives, with Taylor having been married eight times to seven different men, and Gardner revealing her life secrets to a journalist, as published in Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations.

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