Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss Wikipedia, Biography, Movies, Husband

Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss Wikipedia, Biography, Movies, Husband

Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss Wikipedia, Biography, Movies, Husband – Ayesha Khan, a well-known model and actress, recently made waves by unexpectedly joining Bigg Boss 17 as a wildcard contestant. Her presence on the show has sparked considerable interest, particularly due to her connection with fellow participant Munawar Faruqui. With a significant following on Instagram, Khan is admired for her beauty, confidence, and grace. Her entry into the Bigg Boss house promises drama and controversy, especially as she confronts Faruqui over alleged relationship issues.

Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss Wikipedia, Biography, Movies, Husband

Ayesha Khan Early Life

Ayesha Khan’s journey began in a mix of Abu Dhabi and Canada. She spent her formative years there, completing her primary and secondary education. Growing up, she harbored a passion for acting and modeling, which eventually led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design from a reputed Canadian institution.

Full Name Ayesha Khan
Nickname Kehkasha, Daraksha
Profession Actress, Model, Social Media Influencer
Famous for Participating as a wild card contestant in the reality TV show Bigg Boss 17
Date of Birth13 September, 2002
Age (As of 2023)21 years
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Zodiac SignVirgo

Ayesha Khan Measurements

Height (approx.)5 feet 9 inches
Weight (approx.)66 kg
Body Measurement (approx.)38-34-40
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Ayesha Khan Education Qualification

Ayesha Khan’s educational journey culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design from a renowned Canadian institution. Her academic pursuits reflect her dedication and commitment to both her passions and professional growth.

SchoolPrimary and Secondary Education
CollegeCanadian institution
DegreeBachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design

Ayesha Khan Family Background

Ayesha Khan hails from a Muslim family, though specific details about her parents are not available. Her father is reported to be a businessman, while her mother manages their household. Additionally, Khan has a brother named Shahbaz Khan, who serves in the Merchant Navy. Their family showcases a blend of diverse professional backgrounds, with Ayesha herself carving a niche in the entertainment industry.

FatherAtaur Rahman Khan Kaiser
MotherNot Known
BrotherShahbaz Khan

Ayesha Khan Relationship

Upon entering Bigg Boss 17, Ayesha Khan made headlines by leveling accusations against Munawar Faruqui, her former fiancé and a fellow contestant on the show. She alleged that Faruqui had been dishonest in their relationship, engaging in romantic affairs with multiple women simultaneously. Khan’s revelations added layers of drama to the show, captivating audiences and igniting heated discussions.

Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss Wikipedia, Biography, Movies, Husband

Ayesha Khan Net Worth

Ayesha Khan, the Pakistani television actress, is estimated to possess a net worth ranging between $1 to $5 million dollars. Her financial success predominantly stems from her accomplishments and popularity in the realm of Pakistani television. Through her talent and contributions to the entertainment industry, Khan has amassed a significant fortune, underscoring her prominence in the field.

Ayesha Khan Career

Ayesha Khan’s journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to her passion, talent, and unwavering dedication to her craft. Beginning her career with modeling assignments, Khan quickly made a name for herself in both print and digital media, captivating audiences with her striking beauty and effortless grace. Her ability to embody diverse roles and characters soon caught the attention of filmmakers, leading to her highly anticipated acting debut in the Telugu film “Mukhachitram.”

In “Mukhachitram,” Khan portrayed the character of Maya Fernandez, a strong and independent lawyer fighting for justice in a male-dominated society. Her nuanced performance earned widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, establishing her as a versatile talent to watch. Khan’s commitment to her craft and her ability to immerse herself fully in her roles set her apart in an industry known for its fierce competition and high standards.

Beyond her on-screen endeavors, Khan’s influence extends to social media, where she boasts a sizable following of over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Through her platform, she shares glimpses of her life, insights into her creative process, and motivational messages aimed at inspiring her fans to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

As Khan continues to explore new opportunities and challenge herself creatively, her impact on the entertainment industry is sure to endure. With each project she undertakes and each character she brings to life, she solidifies her status as a powerhouse talent with the potential to shape the future of Pakistani television and cinema.

Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss 17

Ayesha Khan’s unexpected entry into Bigg Boss 17, one of the most popular reality TV shows in Pakistan, injected a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation among viewers. Her wildcard contestant status brought with it a sense of intrigue, especially considering her past connection with fellow participant Munawar Faruqui. Khan wasted no time in making her presence felt on the show, immediately stirring up controversy with her bold accusations against Faruqui.

Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss Wikipedia, Biography, Movies, Husband

The dynamics between Khan and Faruqui quickly became a focal point of the show, with their alleged romantic involvement and subsequent fallout captivating audiences nationwide. Khan’s decision to confront Faruqui about their relationship issues sparked intense confrontations and emotional exchanges, adding layers of drama and tension to the already volatile atmosphere of the Bigg Boss house.

As the season progressed, Khan’s resilience and determination to expose Faruqui’s alleged dishonesty and infidelity garnered both admiration and criticism from viewers. Her unwavering stance in the face of adversity, coupled with her willingness to speak her truth, earned her a significant following among fans of the show. Whether engaging in heated arguments or navigating complex interpersonal dynamics, Khan’s presence on Bigg Boss 17 proved to be a driving force behind many of the season’s most memorable moments.

Ayesha Khan Favourite Things

Actor Shahrukh Khan
FilmJab We Met (2007)
Bigg Boss ContestantManisha Rani
Beverage Coffee
Destination London
Makeup BrandLaura Mercier, Kiko Milano

Ayesha Khan Movies and TV Shows

  • TV Series- Mehndi (2003)
  • TV Series- Slangebaereren (2005)
  • TV Series- Man-o-Salwa (2007)
  • TV Series- Chaar Chand (2008)
  • TV Series- Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin (2009)
  • TV Series- Vasl (2010)
  • Film- Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (2015)
  • TV Series- Dil Ishq (2015)
  • TV Series- Noor-e-Zindagi, Mann Mayal (2016)
  • Film- Mukhachitram (2022)
  • TV Show- Bigg Boss 17 (2023)

Ayesha Khan Social Media Accounts

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here

Ayesha Khan Facts

  • Educational Pursuits: Ayesha Khan’s academic journey culminated in a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design from a prestigious Canadian institution, highlighting her commitment to both creative and academic pursuits.
  • Early Cultural Engagements: Khan actively participated in cultural events and competitions during her upbringing, fostering her interest in acting and modeling from a young age.
  • Social Media Presence: With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Ayesha Khan leverages her social media platform not only to showcase her beauty and style but also to connect with her fans through motivational messages and personal anecdotes.
Ayesha Khan Bigg Boss Wikipedia, Biography, Movies, Husband


Ayesha Khan’s journey from modeling to acting and her unexpected entry into Bigg Boss 17 exemplify her versatility and determination in the entertainment industry. Her bold confrontations and revelations on the show have kept audiences on the edge of their seats, solidifying her status as a compelling figure in the realm of Pakistani television. As Khan continues to navigate her career and personal life, her presence promises to leave a lasting impact on both the industry and her fans alike.

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What happened to Aisha Khan?

Ayesha Khan, who’s currently in the Bigg Boss 17 house, had a scary moment recently. She suddenly fainted and had to be taken to the hospital for a check-up. It happened on the evening of December 29. Fortunately, after the doctors made sure she was okay, she was able to return to the Bigg Boss house.

How old is Ayesha from Bigg Boss 17?

Ayesha Khan was born on September 13, 1991. So, as of now, in the year 2023, she’s 32 years old.

Is Ayesha Khan in Bigg Boss?

Yes, Ayesha Khan was a contestant on Bigg Boss 17. She entered the house as a wildcard contestant. During her time on the show, she confronted another contestant, Munawar Faruqui, about some promises he had apparently broken.

Who is Ayesha Bigg Boss 17?

Ayesha Khan is an actress known for her roles in shows like ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ and in music videos such as ‘Reborn Heer’, ‘Guitar’, ‘Dil Ne’, and ‘Mohabbat Ke Kabil’. She joined Bigg Boss 17 as a wildcard contestant and claimed that Munawar Faruqui was seeing both her and another woman named Nazila Sitaishi at the same time.

Will Ayesha come back to Bigg Boss?

Yes, Ayesha Khan did return to Bigg Boss 17 after her health scare. In a recent promo of the show, it was shown that she’s back in the house. However, it seems like she’s ignoring Munawar Faruqui and refusing to eat the food he prepares.

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