Eddie Ratcliffe parents, Wikipedia, Family, Warrington, Mother, Father

Eddie Ratcliffe parents, Wikipedia, Family, Warrington, Mother, Father

Eddie Ratcliffe parents, Wikipedia, Family, Warrington, Mother, Father – In a shocking incident, 16-year-old Eddie Ratcliffe from the United Kingdom found himself entangled in a murder case involving Brianna Ghey, a 16-year-old transgender girl. This summary delves into Eddie’s background, his family life, and the tragic events surrounding Brianna’s murder.

Eddie Ratcliffe parents, Wikipedia, Family, Warrington, Mother, Father

Eddie Ratcliffe Bio

Eddie Ratcliffe, a 16-year-old boy from the UK, gained notoriety after being arrested for the murder of Brianna Ghey. Notably, Eddie has been diagnosed with autism, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding story.

Brianna Ghey Murder

Brianna Ghey, a British transgender girl, met a tragic end as she was stabbed in Culcheth Linear Park. Eddie Ratcliffe, along with Scarlett Jenkinson, was arrested the following day, leading to their conviction for Brianna’s murder.

Eddie Ratcliffe Parents

Eddie’s family plays a significant role in understanding his background. He was born to Kyle Ratcliffe and Alice Hemmings in the UK. His mother is known as an online fitness and wellbeing coach and a former ski instructor. However, due to the attention on the case, she was reportedly asked to quit her job.

Eddie grew up in a sound family background, not as an only child, but as the middle child among two siblings. His father, Kyle, manages a truck company, runs a small gym, and has an interest in martial arts. The family purchased their old council house through the Right To Buy scheme.

Eddie Ratcliffe parents, Wikipedia, Family, Warrington, Mother, Father

Despite the tragic turn of events, Eddie had a seemingly normal childhood. His family enjoyed quality time together, evident from their campervan adventures during lockdown and weekends away. A neighbor describes Eddie as trouble-free, just minding his own business.

Eddie Ratcliffe Academic and Extracurricular Pursuits

Ratcliffe’s family emphasizes education, and Eddie proved to be a dedicated student. He started his first term ten days late due to attending the World Kickboxing Championships with his father in Jamaica. Eddie’s involvement in kickboxing competitions and family outings reflected a seemingly balanced life.

Eddie Ratcliffe Social Life and Interests

In exploring Eddie’s personal life, it’s revealed that he didn’t have many friends and only three Instagram followers. Socially awkward, he relied on Scarlett Jenkinson to navigate social interactions. Eddie’s crush on a girl and his reluctance to make eye contact during the trial provide insights into his social struggles.

Eddie Ratcliffe Ethnicity

Despite the public attention on Eddie’s life after the murder case, the Ratcliffe family seemed to lead ostensibly normal lives. Eddie’s interests, from kickboxing to family vacations, depict a regular teenager living in the UK. His family’s ordinary existence is contrasted against the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the murder.

Eddie Ratcliffe parents, Wikipedia, Family, Warrington, Mother, Father

The Trial and Eddie Demeanor

During the trial, it was noted that Eddie didn’t make eye contact with his parents. This subtle detail hints at the emotional strain and perhaps the complexity of his involvement in the tragic incident. The courtroom dynamics offer a glimpse into the personal toll the situation took on Eddie and his family.


Eddie Ratcliffe’s life took an unexpected turn with his involvement in Brianna Ghey’s murder. This summary aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Eddie’s background, family life, and the tragic circumstances surrounding the case. While the public is left grappling with the implications of this shocking incident, it is crucial to approach the situation with empathy and a nuanced understanding of the individuals involved.

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Who are Eddie Ratcliffe’s parents?

Eddie Ratcliffe’s parents are Kyle Ratcliffe and Alice Hemmings. They live in the United Kingdom. Alice is known as an online fitness and wellbeing coach, and she also worked as a ski instructor.

Where does Eddie Ratcliffe live?

Eddie Ratcliffe’s family still resides on the estate in Leigh. Despite the impact of their son’s actions, some people in the neighborhood remain sympathetic. One neighbor, in particular, expressed understanding, stating that what Eddie did does not reflect on his mom and dad. They even sent the family a Christmas card in December, showing empathy towards Eddie’s parents.

Where is Eddie Ratcliffe from?

Eddie Ratcliffe grew up in Leigh, Greater Manchester, as the middle child among three siblings. He has an older brother and a younger sister. The family lived what seemed like a normal life, with his mother working as an online fitness and wellbeing coach and later taking on a role as a ski instructor.

Where is Scarlett Jenkinson from?

Scarlett Jenkinson is from Culcheth and crossed paths with Brianna in November 2022 when she enrolled at Birchwood High School. It was revealed in a police press conference that Jenkinson had been previously moved from Culcheth High School for sharing cannabis-laced sweets with another child.

What school did Scarlett Jenkinson go to?

After getting in trouble for giving cannabis-laced sweets to another child at Culcheth High School, Scarlett Jenkinson faced the possibility of expulsion. However, instead of being expelled, a decision was made to transfer her to Birchwood. Interestingly, teachers at the new school were unaware of Jenkinson’s previous incident when she was 15 years old.

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