Hedwig Hoss Wikipedia, Wiki, House, Mother, Biography

Hedwig Hoss Wikipedia, Wiki, House, Mother, Biography

Hedwig Hoss Wikipedia, Wiki, House, Mother, Biography – Hedwig Hoess, born Hedwig Hensel in 1908, led a life entangled with the haunting legacy of Auschwitz, where her husband, Rudolf Höss, served as the commandant. This narrative delves into her life, marriage, and the intricate web of lies spun to shield her family from the atrocities committed during one of history’s darkest periods.

Hedwig Hoss Wikipedia, Wiki, House, Mother, Biography

Hedwig Hoss Early Life and Marriage

Hedwig Hensel was born to Ostwald Richard Hensel and Linna Florendine Hensel (born Kremtz) on March 3, 1908, in Germany. At the age of 21, she married Rudolf Höss on August 17, 1929. The union produced five children: Klaus Höss, Annegret Höss, Heidetraut Höss, Ingebrigitt Höss, and Hans-Rudolf Höss.

Hedwig Hoss Family

Rudolf Höss assumed the role of commandant at the Auschwitz concentration camp, and during this time, Hedwig and their children lived in a villa near the camp. Despite the proximity, Hedwig never visited Auschwitz. To shield his family from potential repercussions, Rudolf consciously misled Hedwig about the horrifying realities within the camp. In her eyes, Auschwitz became a distorted version of ‘paradise,’ as they enjoyed a life devoid of material shortages.

Rudolf’s deception extended to protecting his children from future stigma. He concealed the truth about his work, especially regarding the gassings. Food and clothing confiscated from Jewish prisoners were part of their daily lives, unbeknownst to Hedwig. The weight of this deception became evident when she overheard comments made by Fritz Bracht, Gauleiter of Silesia. Faced with the harsh reality of Auschwitz, Hedwig refused to share the same bed with her husband.

Hedwig Hoss Wikipedia, Wiki, House, Mother, Biography

British Army Intervention

Living north of Flensburg with her eldest son after the war, Hedwig and her son were taken into custody by the British Army’s 92 Field Security Section. Interrogated for six days about Rudolf’s whereabouts, Hedwig insisted that he was dead. Eventually, under pressure, she relented and provided the address where Rudolf was living. At that time, he used the alias Franz Lang and worked as a farm laborer.

Post-Arrest and New Beginnings

Following Rudolf Höss’s arrest, Hedwig and her son were released. Hedwig, seeking a fresh start, remarried and relocated to America. She lived there until her passing at the age of 90 on September 15, 1989, in Washington, D.C. Hedwig chose cremation as her final resting option.

Hedwig Hoss Wikipedia, Wiki, House, Mother, Biography

Hedwig Hoss Legacy

Hedwig Hoess’s life was deeply entwined with the complexities of Auschwitz. Her experiences reflect the personal struggles and dilemmas faced by individuals connected to historical atrocities. While Rudolf Höss faced the consequences of his actions, Hedwig grappled with the burden of deception and the challenge of rebuilding her life in the aftermath.


The life of Hedwig Hoess is a poignant chapter in the broader narrative of Auschwitz. Her journey, marked by secrecy, resilience, and eventual relocation, highlights the profound impact that historical events can have on individuals and their families. The story of Hedwig invites contemplation on the ethical dimensions of personal choices in times of immense historical turbulence.

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What happened to Hedwig Hoss?

After Rudolf Höss’s arrest, Hedwig Hoess and her son were released. Seeking a fresh start, Hedwig remarried and moved to Germany. Eventually, she relocated to America, where she lived until she passed away at the age of 90.

Who was the wife of the commandant Höss?

Rudolf Höss’s wife was Hedwig Hensel. They got married on August 17, 1929, after meeting in the Artaman League.

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After World War II, the Höss family went into hiding in northern Germany, hoping to escape to South America. Many Nazis sought refuge there after the war.

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