Irita Marriott Wikipedia, Height, Age, Photos, Born, Net Worth, Measurements

Irita Marriott Wikipedia, Height, Age, Photos, Born, Net Worth, Measurements

Irita Marriott Wikipedia, Height, Age, Photos, Born, Net Worth, Measurements – Irita Marriott, a rising star in the world of antiques, has made a name for herself as a dealer, expert, and television presenter. Founder of Irita Marriott Antiques in Bristol, she has become a familiar face on BBC’s Antiques Road Trip and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Let’s delve into the various facets of her life and career.

Irita Marriott Wikipedia, Height, Age, Photos, Born, Net Worth, Measurements

Irita Marriott Early Life

Irita Marriott’s early life unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Latvia, where she first entered the world. Born into a close-knit family, Irita spent her formative years in the embrace of her parents and siblings. The family’s roots were deeply embedded in the rural landscape, cultivating an environment that nurtured values and a strong sense of community.

Growing up on a farm in Latvia, Irita imbibed the essence of hard work and simplicity. The daily rhythms of farm life left an indelible mark on her character, instilling resilience and a deep appreciation for the beauty of simplicity. These foundational years in Latvia laid the groundwork for the person she would become.

Full NameIrita Marriot
Famous asAntique Dealer
Age30- 40 years old
Birth PlaceLatvia
Net Worth$1 million – $5 million

Irita Marriott Measurements

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches and weighing around 52 kilograms, Irita possesses a charming personality. Her brown hair and brown eyes complement her overall appearance.

Height5 ft 5 in
Weight52 kg
Body MeasurementsN/A
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Irita Marriott Education

Irita’s educational journey includes schooling at a local high school, but details about her higher education remain undisclosed.

Irita Marriott Family

Hailing from Latvia, Irita’s early life was rooted in a farm environment. After moving to the UK, she has kept details about her family relatively private. However, it’s known that she is married and has two children, maintaining their privacy away from the public eye.

Irita Marriott Relationship

Irita has been married for a significant period, yet she is careful to keep her husband’s details away from public scrutiny. Despite her active presence on social media, she has not shared much about her married life. Her focus on maintaining the privacy of her family members, including her two kids, is notable.

Irita Marriott Wikipedia, Height, Age, Photos, Born, Net Worth, Measurements

Irita Marriott Net Worth

As of January 2024, Irita Marriott’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her primary source of income is her thriving career as an antique dealer. With eight years of experience in the business, she has gained recognition, especially after joining the Antiques Road Trip in May 2021.

Irita Marriott Nationality and Ethnicity

While Irita was born in Latvia, she has become a Latvian/British citizen after moving to the United Kingdom. Identifying with her Latvian roots, Irita belongs to Latvian ethnicity.

Irita Marriott Career

Irita Marriott’s professional journey is a testament to her passion for antiques and her remarkable expertise in the field. Having embarked on this path approximately eight years ago, her career trajectory has been marked by dedication, continuous learning, and a keen eye for exquisite items.

Her early foray into the world of antiques involved serving as a cataloguer and valuer at a prestigious auction house in Derbyshire. This initial experience not only honed her skills in assessing the value of various items but also provided valuable insights into the intricate world of antique trading.

The turning point in Irita’s career came when she decided to channel her knowledge and passion into establishing her own enterprise – Irita Marriott Antiques. Located in Bristol, this antique shop has become a hub for fine decorative antiques. Irita’s discerning taste and commitment to quality have garnered the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Her venture into entrepreneurship did not go unnoticed, and in May 2021, Irita joined the illustrious cast of the BBC television series Antiques Road Trip. This marked a significant milestone in her career, exposing her expertise to a wider audience. Her role on the show, alongside fellow experts like Philip Serrell, has not only solidified her presence in the industry but has also made her a beloved figure among viewers.

Irita’s approach to her career extends beyond the conventional. She specializes in sourcing beautiful antiques, often embarking on buying trips to the continent to curate a collection that reflects both her aesthetic sensibilities and the evolving trends in the antique market. This dedication to staying abreast of industry developments and offering a diverse array of items has contributed to the success of Irita Marriott Antiques.

Irita Marriott Wikipedia, Height, Age, Photos, Born, Net Worth, Measurements

The journey of Irita Marriott in the antique business is a testament to her multi-faceted skills. From cataloging and valuing items to establishing her own enterprise and gracing the screens of a popular television show, she has displayed versatility and a deep understanding of the nuances of the antique world. With each chapter of her career, Irita continues to make significant contributions to the industry while capturing the admiration of audiences with her passion and expertise. As she embarks on new road trips and endeavors, the trajectory of her career promises continued growth and influence in the fascinating realm of antiques.

Irita Marriott Social Media Accounts

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Facts about Irita Marriott

  • BBC Antiques Road Trip: Irita joined the BBC Antiques Road Trip family in May 2021, becoming a regular face on the show. Her appearances on both Antiques Road Trip and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip have endeared her to viewers.
  • Entrepreneurial Venture: Beyond her television appearances, Irita is the founder of Irita Marriott Antiques, a Bristol-based shop specializing in fine decorative antiques.
  • Privacy Concerns: Irita is intentional about keeping her personal life, especially her family, away from the public eye. Despite her active presence on social media, she maintains a balance between sharing her professional achievements and safeguarding her private life.
  • Global Reach: With customers worldwide, Irita has established herself as a reputable dealer, showcasing her antiques to a diverse audience.
Irita Marriott Wikipedia, Height, Age, Photos, Born, Net Worth, Measurements


Irita Marriott’s journey from Latvia to the United Kingdom and her subsequent success in the antiques business and television highlights her passion and dedication. Balancing a thriving career with a commitment to privacy, Irita has become not just an expert in her field but also a role model for those aspiring to make a mark in unconventional professions. As her career continues to unfold, audiences can anticipate more exciting chapters from this dynamic antique dealer and television personality.

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Where is Irita Marriott’s shop?

Irita Marriott’s shop, Irita Marriott Antiques, is located in the historic market town of Melbourne in Central England. It stands out as one of the few female-run auction houses in the UK, led by the expertise of TV antiques dealer Irita Marriott.

Who is Irita Marriott?

Irita Marriott is a captivating on-screen antiques dealer renowned for her role as an expert on various television programs such as BBC1’s Antiques Road Trip, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Bargain Hunt, and Channel 4’s The Greatest Auction. She has a special fondness for porcelain items and frequently participates in antiques shows across the UK.

What is Irita’s nationality?

Irita Marriott was born and raised in Latvia, and she moved to the UK in her early 20s. As per her official website, she proudly shares her Eastern European heritage, stating, “I was born in Latvia, but moved to the UK in my early 20s.”

Does Irita Marriott have children?

Yes, Irita Marriott is happily married and has two lovely sons. As the founder of Irita Marriott Antiques and a full-time antiques dealer based in the UK, she gracefully balances her professional and family life.

How old is Antiques Road Trip?

Antiques Road Trip, a BBC television series produced by STV Studios, has been entertaining viewers since 2010. Initially aired on BBC Two from 2010 to 2012, it transitioned to BBC One in 2013 and continues to captivate audiences. It’s essential not to confuse this show with Antiques Roadshow.

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