Orry Awatramani Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Age, Linkedin, Father, Parents, Height, Birthday, Net Worth

Orry Awatramani Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Age, Linkedin, Father, Parents, Height, Birthday, Net Worth

Orry Awatramani Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Age, Linkedin, Father, Parents, Height, Birthday, Net Worth – Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Orry, has emerged as a significant internet personality, garnering attention for his presence at various high-profile events in both Bollywood and Hollywood circles. Born on August 2, 1999, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this 23-year-old internet sensation has become a subject of curiosity, not just for his social connections but also for his intriguing lifestyle. In this detailed exploration, we’ll delve into Orhan Awatramani’s early life, physical attributes, educational background, family, personal life, relationships, net worth, career, and some lesser-known facts, providing a comprehensive understanding of this rising star.

Orry Awatramani Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Age, Linkedin, Father, Parents, Height, Birthday, Net Worth
Orry Awatramani Wikipedia, Wiki, Biography, Age, Linkedin, Father, Parents, Height, Birthday, Net Worth

Orry Awatramani Biography:

NameOrry Awatramani
ProfessionInternet Personality
Date of BirthAugust 2, 1999
Age23 Years (as of 2022)
BirthplaceMumbai, Maharashtra
HometownMumbai, Maharashtra
Zodiac signLeo
Net WorthINR 2 Crores (approx.)

Orry Awatramani Early Life & Background:

Orhan Awatramani, nicknamed Orry, spent his formative years in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Born on a Monday in August 1999, he grew up in a culturally rich and diverse environment. His parents, Jorj Awatramani and Shahnaz Awatramani, played crucial roles in shaping his upbringing. He shares a close bond with his brother, Kabir Awatramani, who is the Head of PR at Sollis Health, a national medical concierge company based in New York. The Awatramani family’s close-knit ties reflect in the glimpses of Orhan’s childhood pictures, capturing moments with his mother and brother.

Orry Awatramani Measurements:

Orhan Awatramani stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and maintains a weight of approximately 63 kilograms (138 lbs). With dark brown eyes and black hair, his physical features contribute to his charismatic presence. Wearing a shoe size of 7 US, Orhan carries himself with style and grace, evident in his appearances at various events and parties.

Height5′ 7″ (170 cm)
Weight63 kg (138 lbs)
Shoe Size7 US
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

Orry Awatramani Education Qualification:

Orhan’s educational journey is marked by prestigious institutions. He attended Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu during his school years. For his higher education, he pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in communication design at The New School in New York, USA, from 2013 to 2017. Further advancing his academic pursuits, he also attended Columbia University in New York. Orhan’s educational background in communication design has played a significant role in shaping his career as an internet personality.

SchoolKodaikanal International School, Tamil Nadu
UndergraduateThe New School, New York, USA
PostgraduateColumbia University, New York, USA

Orry Awatramani Family Background:

The Awatramani family has been an integral part of Orhan’s life. His father, Jorj Awatramani, and mother, Shahnaz Awatramani, provided a supportive environment for his growth. His brother, Kabir Awatramani, shares a professional connection with the medical field. The family’s cosmopolitan background, rooted in both Mumbai and New York, adds a layer of diversity to Orhan’s experiences.

FatherJorj Awatramani
MotherShahnaz Awatramani
BrotherKabir Awatramani

Orry Awatramani Relationship Status:

Orhan Awatramani, as a public figure, offers glimpses into his personal life through social media. Born under the zodiac sign Leo, he embraces a non-vegetarian food habit. Despite the public attention, he maintains a certain level of privacy, evident in his limited disclosure about personal details. His presence at various religious places showcases a spiritual side, and his love for animals is evident through pictures posted with dogs and piglets.

As of the latest information, Orhan Awatramani is unmarried, and he has been open about his sexual orientation, identifying as gay. Speculation around his relationship status arose when he was rumored to be in a relationship with Jhanvi Kapoor, a popular Indian actress. However, both parties have denied any romantic involvement, emphasizing a friendship between them.

Orry Awatramani Net Worth:

Orhan Awatramani has made a mark not only for his social presence but also for his association with luxury brands. His net worth is estimated to be around INR 2 Crores (approx.). In an interesting revelation during his stint on ‘Bigg Boss 17,’ Orhan disclosed earning approximately Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 lakhs a night by posing for selfies. This information sheds light on the lucrative aspects of his social media presence.

Orry Awatramani Career Beginnings:

Career: Orhan Awatramani’s career is a captivating blend of diverse experiences, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in various domains. While his academic foundation in communication design from The New School, New York, and later at Columbia University, laid the groundwork for his creative pursuits, his professional journey took unexpected turns.

In 2017, Orhan ventured into the corporate sector, joining Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai, as a special project manager. This stint highlighted his ability to navigate the corporate landscape, demonstrating a side beyond the glitz of social media.

However, it is as an internet personality that Orhan truly made a mark. His presence at high-profile events with Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities catapulted him into the limelight, earning him recognition for his extensive social circle. This prominence led to his association with luxury brands like Amiri, Tom Ford, Balenciaga, and Prada, further solidifying his status in the glamorous world of fashion and lifestyle.

Orhan Awatramani’s surprising entry into the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ in 2023 showcased his willingness to explore new avenues in the entertainment industry. This unexpected move added layers to his public persona, providing audiences with a closer look at his personality beyond the curated images on social media.

With an estimated net worth of INR 2 Crores (approx.), Orhan’s career trajectory exemplifies a modern success story, blending education, corporate experience, social media influence, and a foray into reality television. As he continues to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of digital fame, Orhan Awatramani stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of a career in the age of social media and entertainment.

Orry Awatramani Social Media:

InstagramClick Here
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Orry Awatramani Facts:

  • Social Circle Sensation: Orhan’s presence at numerous events with celebrities has made him a sensation on social media. His photos from high-profile gatherings have sparked curiosity, giving rise to various memes and discussions about his extensive social circle.
  • Columbia Connection: Orhan was a classmate of Indian actress Sara Ali Khan at Columbia University, New York City. Their connection adds an interesting layer to his life, showcasing diverse friendships.
  • Luxury Brand Affiliation: Orhan has been associated with various luxury brands such as Amiri, Tom Ford, Balenciaga, and Prada. This association contributes to his glamorous image and lifestyle.
  • Party Enthusiast: Orhan is often seen partying with both Indian and Hollywood celebrities, including Jacqueline Fernandez, Isha Ambani, Joe Jonas, and Kylie Jenner. His social life has become a subject of fascination and discussion.
  • Activism and Animation: Beyond the glitz and glamour, Orhan is a social activist and a trained animator. His engagement with social causes adds depth to his personality, showcasing a commitment beyond the spotlight.
  • Bigg Boss Appearance: Orhan made a surprising entry as a wild card contestant in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ in 2023. His participation added an unexpected twist to the show, providing fans with a closer look at his personality.


In conclusion, Orhan Awatramani, or Orry, is not just an internet personality but a multifaceted individual with a dynamic presence in various spheres of life. From his early life in Mumbai to his educational journey in New York, and his foray into both corporate and entertainment worlds, Orhan’s story is one of diversity and success. His ability to navigate the world of luxury brands, social activism, and reality television showcases a personality that goes beyond the glitz of social media. Orhan’s personal life, marked by his open acknowledgment of his sexual orientation, adds a layer of authenticity to his public persona. Despite being a subject of constant speculation, he maintains a level of privacy, allowing fans and followers to glimpse into his life on his own terms. The facts about Orhan Awatramani, including his party enthusiast lifestyle, association with celebrities, and surprising career choices, contribute to the enigma that surrounds him.

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Who is Orry Awatramani?

Orry Awatramani, commonly known as Orry, is a well-known personality on the internet. He’s recognized for being a part of elite gatherings, mingling with politicians, billionaires, and Bollywood stars. His presence as a wildcard entry on Bigg Boss and regular appearances at high-profile events in Mumbai, where he’s often seen with star kids like Nysa Devgn and Janhvi Kapoor, contribute to his fame.

Who is Orry Awatramani Parents?

The parents of Orry Awatramani are Jorj Awatramani and Shahnaz Awatramani. They have played a significant role in shaping his life, providing support and guidance.

Why is Orry so famous?

Orry has gained fame for his mysterious and glamorous lifestyle. He’s frequently spotted at exclusive parties and events, making connections with influential figures. His wildcard entry on Bigg Boss and associations with star-studded gatherings have added to the intrigue surrounding him. His knack for being in the limelight, rubbing shoulders with both political and entertainment elites, contributes to his enduring popularity.

What does Orry do for a living?

As per Orhan Awatramani’s LinkedIn profile, he holds the position of a Special Project Manager at the Reliance Industries Limited Chairperson Office. Besides his corporate role, he is also recognized as a social activist. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Communication Design from New York’s Parsons School of Design, showcasing his diverse skill set.

Is Orhan Awatramani rich?

Considering his accomplishments and influential connections within the industry, Orhan Awatramani is estimated to have a net worth close to Rs. 2 crore. His involvement in high-profile events, luxury brands, and his disclosure of earning through social media activities contribute to his financial success.

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