Palam Kalyanasundaram Wiki, Bio, Padma Shri, Family, History

Palam Kalyanasundaram Wiki, Bio, Padma Shri, Family, History

Palam Kalyanasundaram Wiki, Bio, Padma Shri, Family, History – In a world where fame and fortune often take center stage, there are individuals like Palam Kalyanasundaram who remind us that kindness and selflessness are the true hallmarks of greatness. Despite not seeking recognition or wealth, Kalyanasundaram’s dedication to serving others has earned him widespread admiration and respect.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Wiki, Bio, Padma Shri, Family, History

Palam Kalyanasundaram Early Life

Palam Kalyanasundaram’s journey towards becoming a beacon of compassion began in the village of Melakarivelamkulam in Tamil Nadu, India, where he was born in August 1940. Tragically, his father passed away when he was just one year old, leaving his mother to raise him single-handedly. Despite the hardships he faced in his formative years, Kalyanasundaram was instilled with the values of empathy and generosity by his mother, who inspired him to help those less fortunate than himself.

Full NamePalam Kalyanasundaram
Date of BirthAugust 1940
Place of BirthMelakarivelamkulam village, Thirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India

Palam Kalyanasundaram Measurements

HeightApproximately 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
WeightAround 52 kilograms
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorWhite

Palam Kalyanasundaram Education Qualification

Kalyanasundaram’s pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence led him to excel in his studies. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from St. Xavier College, where his commitment to his chosen field earned him the admiration of his peers and mentors. Despite facing obstacles in pursuing his passion for Tamil literature at the master’s level, Kalyanasundaram’s determination led him to ultimately study Library Science at Madras University, where he graduated as a gold medalist.

EducationBachelor’s degree in Arts
Master’s in Library Science from Madras University
CollegeMadras University
St. Xavier College

Palam Kalyanasundaram Family Background

Raised by a single mother after the untimely death of his father, Kalyanasundaram’s upbringing was marked by resilience and the values of compassion and service. Despite not having a conventional family of his own, he found fulfillment and purpose in dedicating his life to the welfare of others.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Wiki, Bio, Padma Shri, Family, History

Palam Kalyanasundaram Relationship

Kalyanasundaram chose a path of celibacy, foregoing marriage in favor of devoting himself entirely to serving society. His decision to remain unmarried was a conscious one, driven by his unwavering commitment to his altruistic mission.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Net Worth

Unlike many individuals who measure their success in monetary terms, Kalyanasundaram’s wealth lies not in material possessions but in the countless lives he has touched through his acts of kindness. He has donated his entire salary from his job as a librarian, along with substantial sums received in awards and pensions, to charitable causes, ensuring that every rupee he earns serves the greater good.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Achievements and Rewards

Kalyanasundaram’s selfless dedication to improving the lives of others has earned him numerous accolades and honors. He was awarded the prestigious Man of the Millennium title by an American association, recognizing his extraordinary contributions to society. Additionally, he has been honored with awards such as the Lifetime of Service Award from the Rotary Club of India and the title of the best librarian in India by the Union Government. His philanthropic efforts have also garnered international recognition, with an American organization awarding him a substantial sum for his work benefiting orphans, which he promptly donated to charity.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Wiki, Bio, Padma Shri, Family, History

Palam Kalyanasundaram Career

For over three decades, Kalyanasundaram served as a librarian at Kumarkurupara Arts College in Srivaikuntam, where his dedication to his profession and his community made him a beloved figure among students and faculty alike. Despite the modest salary he earned, he chose to donate his entire earnings to support orphaned children, a decision that exemplifies his selflessness and compassion. Even in retirement, Kalyanasundaram’s commitment to serving others remained unwavering, as he founded the social welfare organization “Paalam” to continue his mission of making a positive impact on society.

Palam Kalyanasundaram Facts

  • Kalyanasundaram’s altruism knows no bounds, as evidenced by his decision to forego marriage in order to devote himself fully to serving others.
  • He is recognized as one of the top librarians in the world, testament to his passion for literature and his dedication to promoting education and literacy.
  • Despite facing adversity and personal loss at a young age, Kalyanasundaram’s resilience and compassion have inspired countless individuals around the world.


Palam Kalyanasundaram’s life is a testament to the transformative power of kindness and selflessness. Through his unwavering dedication to serving others, he has touched the lives of countless individuals and inspired people across the globe to embrace the values of compassion, generosity, and empathy. In a world often defined by greed and self-interest, Kalyanasundaram stands as a shining example of the profound impact that one person can have when driven by a genuine desire to make the world a better place.

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Where is Palam Kalyanasundaram now?

After retiring, Palam Kalyanasundaram started a social welfare organization called “Paalam” in 1998. He now lives in a small house in Saidapet, Chennai, where he leads a very simple life.

Who is Mr. Kalyanasundaram?

Meenakshisundaram Kalyanasundaram (October 20, 1909 – July 27, 1988) was an Indian politician who served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu. He represented the Communist Party of India and was elected from the Tiruchirappalli – II constituency in the 1952, 1957, and 1962 elections.

Who was the librarian who donated his salary?

Kalyanasundaram, a librarian, gained international recognition for his extraordinary act of charity. He became known as the “Man of the Millennium” and was hailed as the first person in the world to donate his entire earnings for charitable purposes.

When was Kalyanasundaram born?

Kalyanasundaram Pillai was born on September 25, 1912, in Kumbakonam. Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy, he actively participated in the freedom struggle during his childhood.

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