Rahul Mody Wikipedia, Writer, Wiki, Who is, Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Instagram, Wife

Rahul Mody Wikipedia, Writer, Wiki, Who is, Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Instagram, Wife

Rahul Mody Wikipedia, Writer, Wiki, Who is, Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Instagram, Wife – Rahul Mody Amod is a multifaceted personality known for his role as a scriptwriter and assistant director in the Indian film industry. While he’s made a name for himself behind the scenes, Rahul has also garnered attention for his rumored relationship with the popular Indian actress, Shraddha Kapoor. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into various facets of Rahul’s life, from his early beginnings to his professional achievements, providing insight into the man behind the scenes.

Rahul Mody Wikipedia, Writer, Wiki, Who is, Age, Instagram, Net Worth, Instagram, Wife

Rahul Mody Biography:

Full NameRahul Mody Amod
ProfessionScriptwriter, Assistant Director
Known ForRumored boyfriend of Shraddha Kapoor
DebutFilm (Associate Director): Akaash Vani (2013)
TV DebutScriptwriter: Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015)
Date of BirthOctober 7, 1990
Age (as of 2022)32 years
Relationship StatusUnmarried, rumored relationship with Shraddha Kapoor

Rahul Mody Early Life & Background:

Born on October 7, 1990, in Mumbai, Rahul childhood was infused with the hustle and bustle of the entertainment capital. His father, Amod Mody, owned a metal fabrication business, serving as an early inspiration for the young Rahul. Growing up, Rahul envisioned himself following in his father’s footsteps as a businessman.

Rahul’s childhood was marked by curiosity and a desire to explore the world of cinema. This intrigue led him to various film sets, including the shooting of the song “Marjani” from the Hindi film ‘Billu’ at Film City Complex. The experience left a lasting impression on young Rahul, shaping his future aspirations and driving him towards the world of filmmaking.

Rahul Mody Measurements:

Standing at a height of 168 cm (5′ 8″) and possessing distinctive features with brown eyes and black hair, Rahul Mody carries a unique charm. These physical attributes, though merely details, add to the overall persona of a man deeply immersed in the creative realms of the film industry.

Height168 cm (5’ 8”)
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack

Rahul Mody Education Qualification:

Rahul’s educational journey reflects a blend of formal training and hands-on experience. He attended Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan School in Mumbai for his early education. Later, he pursued a diploma in engineering, a testament to his inclination towards a structured academic path. Additionally, he enrolled in a course at Whistling Woods International Institute for Films, Media, Animation, and Media Arts in Mumbai, although he dropped out in the second year. This decision marked a crucial turning point as Rahul decided to channel his energies into the practical world of filmmaking.

SchoolDr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan School, Mumbai
College/UniversityWhistling Woods International Institute for Films, Media, Animation & Media Arts, Mumbai
DegreeDiploma in Engineering

Rahul Mody Family Background:

Rahul Mody Amod hails from a close-knit family rooted in Mumbai. His father, Amod Mody, is the proprietor of a metal fabrication business, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit that influenced Rahul during his formative years. The family includes Rahul’s mother, whose name remains undisclosed, and his sister, Sonika Mody, who serves as an executive producer at Far Commercials. This familial support has played a pivotal role in Rahul’s journey, shaping his values and providing a foundation for his endeavors in the dynamic world of Indian cinema.

FatherAmod Mody
MotherName Not Known
SisterSonika Mody

Rahul Mody Relationship Status:

As of the latest information available, Rahul Mody is unmarried. However, media speculation has linked him romantically with Shraddha Kapoor, a prominent Bollywood actress. While the rumored relationship adds a layer of intrigue to Rahul’s personal life, it’s essential to note that these details are often subject to the ebb and flow of celebrity gossip.

Rahul Mody Net Worth:

Though specific details about Rahul net worth remain undisclosed, his contributions to the Indian film industry as a scriptwriter and assistant director undoubtedly contribute to his financial success. The intricacies of Bollywood finances often remain guarded, making it challenging to ascertain the exact figures. Nevertheless, Rahul’s involvement in successful projects suggests a substantial financial standing.

Rahul Mody Career Beginnings:

Career: Rahul foray into the world of cinema began with his role as an associate director in the film ‘Akaash Vani’ in 2013. This marked the commencement of a career that would see him contribute to various aspects of filmmaking. Notably, his entry into television came as a scriptwriter for ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ in 2015.

His career trajectory includes work as an associate or assistant director in notable Hindi films such as ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ (2015) and ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar’ (2023). Rahul also took on the role of a creative director for films like ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ (2018) and ‘De De Pyaar De’ (2019), showcasing his versatility within the industry.

In the realm of scriptwriting, Rahul Mody has penned scripts for prominent films, including ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ (2018) and ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar’ (2023). His creative prowess extends to the small screen, as evidenced by his scriptwriting for the Hindi TV miniseries ‘Film Companion: Movie Reviews’ in 2014.

Rahul Mody Social Media:

InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here

Rahul Mody Facts:

  • Rumored Relationship: In July 2023, media outlets caught wind of Rahul Mody on a movie date with Indian actress Shraddha Kapoor, sparking widespread speculation about their relationship status.
  • Early Entrepreneurial Aspirations: During his childhood, Rahul harbored dreams of becoming a businessman like his father. However, his exposure to the film industry altered his trajectory, steering him towards a career in filmmaking.
  • Internship Opportunity: Rahul’s journey into the film industry took a significant turn when he stumbled upon an internship opportunity for the Hindi film ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ in 2011. This chance encounter, facilitated through a Facebook listing, marked a pivotal moment in his career.
  • Multifaceted Roles: Rahul Mody has donned various hats in the industry, from assistant director to creative director and scriptwriter. This versatility underscores his adaptability and skill set within the dynamic world of Bollywood.


Rahul Mody Amod’s journey from a Mumbai upbringing to a multifaceted professional in the Indian film industry is a testament to his resilience and passion for storytelling. As a scriptwriter and assistant director, Rahul has left an indelible mark on both the big and small screens. His rumored relationship with Shraddha Kapoor adds a layer of intrigue to his personal life, balancing the professional with the personal in the glamorous realm of Bollywood. While specific details about his net worth remain elusive, Rahul’s involvement in successful projects and his diverse roles within the industry suggest a thriving career. As he continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cinema, Rahul story serves as an inspiration for aspiring filmmakers and underscores the limitless possibilities that unfold when passion meets opportunity.

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Who is Rahul Mody?

Rahul Mody is a scriptwriter and assistant director in the Indian film industry. Born on October 7, 1990, in India, he has made significant contributions to various films and TV projects.

Why is Rahul Mody Famous?

Rahul Mody gained fame for his work as a scriptwriter and assistant director. He is also known for being the rumored boyfriend of the popular Indian actress Shraddha Kapoor.

How old is Rahul Mody?

Rahul Mody was born on October 7, 1990, making him 31 years old as of now.

Is Shraddha Kapoor in a relationship?

Yes, Shraddha Kapoor is reportedly in a relationship with Rahul Mody. Rahul, known for his work on films like ‘Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety’ and ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar,’ has been romantically linked with the actress. Despite their strong bond, the couple prefers to keep their relationship private and has not openly spoken about it.

Who is Rahul Mody Shraddha Kapoor?

Rahul Mody is a writer, and he penned the film ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar,’ in which Shraddha Kapoor starred alongside Ranbir Kapoor. While the rumored couple has been spotted together on secret dates in the city, they have chosen to maintain privacy about their relationship and have not publicly spoken about it.

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