Rahul Sadasivan Wikipedia, Age, Father Name, Wiki, Movies List

Rahul Sadasivan Wikipedia, Age, Father Name, Wiki, Movies List

Rahul Sadasivan Wikipedia, Age, Father Name, Wiki, Movies List – Embarking on a cinematic journey with Rahul Sadasivan unveils a narrative tapestry that weaves together science fiction, horror, and folklore. From his debut in 2013 with “Red Rain” to the spine-chilling “Bhoothakalam” in 2022, and the recent sensation, “Bramayugam” in 2024, Rahul Sadasivan has etched his mark as a director with a penchant for storytelling that transcends genres. This exploration delves into the essence of his filmmaking, the intricacies of “Bramayugam,” and the collaborative efforts that breathe life into his vision.

Rahul Sadasivan Wikipedia, Age, Father Name, Wiki, Movies List
Rahul Sadasivan Wikipedia, Age, Father Name, Wiki, Movies List

Rahul Sadasivan Biography:

Rahul Sadasivan, born in Palakkad, India, is a film director and screenwriter who attended the London Film Academy. He has been active in the film industry since 2013.

NameRahul Sadasivan
BirthplacePalakkad, India
EducationLondon Film Academy
OccupationFilm Director and Screenwriter
Debut Year2013
Notable FilmsRed Rain (2013), Bhoothakalam (2022), Bramayugam (2024)
Key StyleSci-fi thriller, Horror thriller, Period drama
CollaborationsMammootty, Sidharth Bharathan, Arjun Ashokan
Production HouseNight Shift Studios (under YNot Studios)
Signature TraitMeticulous storytelling and visual aesthetics

Rahul Sadasivan Education Qualification:

Rahul Sadasivan, the accomplished film director and screenwriter, received his education at the London Film Academy. Hailing from Palakkad, India, he pursued his passion for filmmaking and honed his skills during his time at the academy. Additionally, Rahul holds a master’s degree in animation and VFX from the University of South Wales. His academic background, coupled with his hands-on experience, has played a crucial role in shaping his career in the dynamic world of cinema, contributing to his success as a storyteller and filmmaker.

Rahul Sadasivan Movies List:

2013Red RainYesYesYes

Rahul Sadasivan News:

News: “Bramayugam” – A Cinematic Triumph “Bramayugam” has become a box office sensation, captivating audiences with its unique black-and-white portrayal of a 17th-century Malabar setting. Directed by Rahul Sadasivan and featuring the iconic Mammootty, the horror thriller explores the eerie dynamics within a dilapidated mansion. The story unfolds as Koduman Potty (Mammootty) accommodates Thevan (Arjun Ashokan), a member of the Panan community, in his mysterious abode.

Rahul Sadasivan’s Cinematic Evolution: Rahul Sadasivan’s journey in cinema began with “Red Rain” in 2013, a sci-fi thriller. He followed it up with “Bhoothakalam” in 2022, a horror thriller narrating the tale of a mother and son in a haunted house. With “Bramayugam,” Rahul delves into the realms of folklore, merging it with horror to create a captivating narrative filled with thrills and chills. The film explores themes of power dynamics, greed, and caste discrimination, with Rahul himself scripting the eerie tale.

Mammootty’s Enigmatic Presence: Mammootty, the 72-year-old veteran actor, takes on the role of Koduman Potty in “Bramayugam.” His stellar performance adds a new dimension to the film, surprising everyone with his unique mannerisms, body language, and dialogue delivery. Sidharth Bharathan and Arjun Ashokan, the supporting actors, also receive acclaim for their compelling performances in this period drama.

Behind the Scenes of “Bramayugam”: Rahul Sadasivan’s meticulous approach to filmmaking involves detailed storyboarding and thorough preparation. The film’s setting, a mana in Ottappalam, was meticulously crafted by the art director Jothish Shankar. The team ensured authenticity, even growing vegetation around the mana over two months. The movie’s crucial rain component was emphasized to evoke a feeling of being stuck in challenging weather conditions.

The picturesque locations, including the forest cover around Malayattoor and the breathtaking Athirappilly waterfall, were chosen with care. Rahul collaborated with cinematographer Shehnad Jalal, who had previously worked on “Bhoothakalam.” The decision to shoot in black and white brought its own challenges, but the timelessness and charm of this choice added a unique visual aspect to the film.

The Musical Essence: Composer Christo Xavier played a vital role in creating the film’s atmospheric score. Rahul Sadasivan emphasizes that the collaboration with Xavier was seamless, with the composer sending a demo that impressed everyone involved. Din Nath Puthenchery, son of veteran lyricist Gireesh Puthenchery, contributed by writing three songs for the film.

Night Shift Studios: The Backbone of “Bramayugam”: The production of “Bramayugam” was made possible by Night Shift Studios, a production house specializing in horror films under YNot Studios. Rahul set three conditions when approached by the producers – the film would be a period piece, shot in black and white, and feature Mammootty. The producers, S Sashikanth and Chakravarthy Ramachandra, embraced Rahul’s vision, standing by him throughout the project. With a budget of ₹27.73 crores (excluding promotional expenses), the movie marks the maiden production of Night Shift Studios.

Rahul’s Cinematic Future: With the success of “Bramayugam,” Rahul Sadasivan remains open to exploring various genres. While he currently has many concepts in mind, the stories he has told so far have been lingering in his creative space for a long time.

In summary, Rahul Sadasivan’s cinematic journey from “Red Rain” to “Bhoothakalam” and now “Bramayugam” showcases his evolution as a director and storyteller. Each film reflects his dedication to crafting unique narratives, supported by strong visuals, compelling performances, and a collaborative spirit with his talented team. As he continues to make his mark in the film industry, audiences eagerly anticipate the diverse stories that Rahul will bring to the silver screen in the future.

Rahul Sadasivan Social Media:

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Rahul Sadasivan Facts:

  • Directorial Debut: Rahul Sadasivan made his directorial debut with the sci-fi thriller “Red Rain” in 2013.
  • Educational Background: He attended the London Film Academy and holds a master’s degree in animation and VFX from the University of South Wales.
  • Genre Exploration: After the success of “Red Rain,” Rahul ventured into the horror genre with his second film, “Bhoothakalam,” released in 2022.
  • Shift to Period Drama: “Bramayugam” represents a significant shift in Rahul’s storytelling, exploring a period drama set in 17th-century Malabar.
  • Collaboration with Mammootty: Rahul’s confidence in approaching legendary actor Mammootty for “Bramayugam” was boosted by the success of “Bhoothakalam.”
  • Unique Cinematic Experience: “Bramayugam” is shot entirely in black and white, providing audiences with a distinctive and never-before-seen cinematic experience in Malayalam cinema.
  • Storytelling Inspiration: The inspiration for “Bramayugam” came from Rahul’s memories of visiting his parents’ place in Palakkad, where he was captivated by the rural landscape and heritage ancestral houses.
  • Storyboarding Approach: Rahul emphasizes the importance of storyboarding, having everything planned on paper before the shoot begins to ensure clarity in the filmmaking process and visual language.
  • Critical Elements in Filming: The meticulous preparation for “Bramayugam” included the creation of a detailed setting with a specially constructed mana, strategically grown vegetation, and the portrayal of crucial elements like rain as a character in the narrative.
  • Production Support: “Bramayugam” is the maiden production of Night Shift Studios, a production house exclusively dedicated to horror films under YNot Studios, showcasing their support for unique and challenging projects in the film industry.


In the captivating realm of Rahul Sadasivan’s films, the journey from the speculative worlds of science fiction to the eerie landscapes of horror, and finally to the historical allure of folklore, stands testament to a director unafraid to traverse diverse territories. “Bramayugam,” with its black-and-white mystique, not only elevates Mammootty’s portrayal but also solidifies Rahul’s standing as a storyteller with a unique cinematic vision. As we anticipate the unfolding chapters of Rahul’s creative odyssey, one can only wonder about the myriad stories that lie within the corridors of his imagination, waiting to be unveiled on the silver screen.

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Is Bramayugam a black and white movie?

Yes, it is. “Bramayugam,” directed by Rahul Sadasivan, is a mystery thriller with a unique touch. The entire film is shot in black and white, providing the audience with a fresh and distinctive cinematic experience.

What is the movie Bramayugam about?

The movie follows a singer who, escaping enslavement, finds refuge in a mysterious and magical home. The enigmatic owner welcomes him, but soon, unsettling events unfold as the man discovers the presence of evil within, leading to intense conflicts. “Bramayugam” weaves a tale of mystery and magic against the backdrop of a folklore narrative.

What is “Bramayugam” about?

“Bramayugam” is a black-and-white horror thriller directed by Rahul Sadasivan. Set in 17th-century Malabar, the film revolves around a dilapidated mansion where Mammootty’s character, Koduman Potty, accommodates a member of the Panan community, Thevan (played by Arjun Ashokan).

What are Rahul Sadasivan’s future plans in filmmaking?

Rahul Sadasivan, having explored different genres, remains open to telling diverse stories. While he has many concepts in mind, he emphasizes that the stories he has told so far have been with him for a long time.

Who contributed to the musical elements of “Bramayugam”?

Composer Christo Xavier played a crucial role in creating the film’s atmospheric score. Din Nath Puthenchery, son of veteran lyricist Gireesh Puthenchery, wrote three songs for the film.

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