Vinod Ghosalkar Age, Son, Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Family, Children, Contact Number

Vinod Ghosalkar Age, Son, Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Family, Children, Contact Number

Vinod Ghosalkar Age, Son, Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Family, Children, Contact Number – Vinod Ghosalkar is a well-known figure in Indian politics, especially in Maharashtra, where he has made significant contributions as a leader of the Shiv Sena party. Beyond politics, he’s also recognized for his successful ventures in the business world. However, his journey has been marked by both achievements and controversies, shaping a dynamic persona over the years.

Vinod Ghosalkar Age, Son, Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Family, Children, Contact Number

Vinod Ghosalkar Early Life

Born in 1958 in Mumbai, Vinod Ghosalkar grew up in a Marathi family deeply involved in social activism. His father, Late Shri Ramachandra Lallurao Ghosalkar, was a freedom fighter during the Quit India Movement. Vinod completed his education from Dahisar Municipal School and later graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Siddharth College of Arts, Science, and Commerce.

Date of birth15th August 1958
Place of birthMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Political partyShiv Sena
OccupationPolitician and businessman

Vinod Ghosalkar Measurements

Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight80 kg
Eye colorBlack

Vinod Ghosalkar Education Qualification

Vinod Ghosalkar pursued his education diligently, completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Siddharth College of Arts, Science, and Commerce.

EducationBachelor of Commerce 
CollegeSiddharth College of Arts, Science, and Commerce

Vinod Ghosalkar Family

Vinod Ghosalkar hails from a family deeply rooted in social activism. His father, Late Shri Ramachandra Lallurao Ghosalkar, was a prominent figure in the freedom struggle against British rule. Vinod’s upbringing was influenced by values of patriotism and community service, which he carried into his political career. He has two brothers, Prakash and Rajendra, and a sister named Sunita.

FatherRamchandra Ghosalkar
MotherShantabai Ghosalkar

Vinod Ghosalkar Relationship and Son

Vinod Ghosalkar is married to Madhuri Ghosalkar, who has been supportive of his political and business endeavors. Together, they have three children – two sons named Abhishek and Saurabh, and a daughter.

Vinod Ghosalkar’s elder son, Abhishek Ghosalkar, was tragically killed in 2024 in a violent incident involving a political rival. Their younger son, Saurabh Ghosalkar, is actively involved in both business and politics, serving as the president of Shiv Sena’s youth wing.

SpouseMadhuri Ghosalkar
ChildrenAbhishek Ghosalkar (deceased)

Saurabh Ghosalkar

Tejasvee Ghosalkar
Vinod Ghosalkar Age, Son, Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Family, Children, Contact Number

Vinod Ghosalkar Net Worth and Assets

Vinod Ghosalkar’s net worth is estimated to be over Rs. 100 crore, primarily amassed through his successful business ventures. He has declared his assets and liabilities in election affidavits, which include various properties, investments, and vehicles.

Vinod Ghosalkar Business Career

Vinod Ghosalkar’s foray into the business world has been as dynamic as his political career. He established himself as a prominent figure in the construction and hospitality sectors, founding the Ghosalkar Group. Under his leadership, the Ghosalkar Group has undertaken numerous projects ranging from residential and commercial buildings to townships and infrastructure development.

One of his notable ventures is the ownership of Hotel Ghosalkar, a luxurious establishment located in the heart of Dahisar. The hotel, renowned for its top-notch facilities and services, has become a landmark in the area, catering to both local and international clientele. Ghosalkar’s success in the hospitality industry reflects his acumen in identifying market opportunities and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

In addition to his involvement in the hospitality sector, Ghosalkar has diversified his business interests into real estate, entertainment, and other ventures. His strategic investments and business acumen have contributed to his considerable wealth, with a net worth estimated to be over Rs. 100 crore.

However, Ghosalkar’s business career has not been without its share of controversies. Allegations of corruption, land grabbing, and misuse of political influence have plagued his reputation, leading to legal battles and inquiries. Despite these challenges, Ghosalkar has maintained his innocence, asserting that he is a law-abiding citizen committed to ethical business practices.

Vinod Ghosalkar Political Career

Vinod Ghosalkar’s political journey began during his college days when he joined Shiv Sena’s student wing, the Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena, in 1976. Inspired by the charismatic leadership of Bal Thackeray, Ghosalkar quickly rose through the ranks of the party, demonstrating his dedication and organizational skills.

His grassroots activism and unwavering loyalty to Shiv Sena earned him recognition within the party ranks. He was appointed as the shakha pramukh (branch head) of the Dahisar area, where he established a strong support base among the local community.

In 1992, Ghosalkar made his entry into electoral politics by contesting and winning the municipal elections, securing a seat as a corporator in the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). He served as a corporator for four consecutive terms, during which he spearheaded various initiatives for the development and welfare of his constituency.

Ghosalkar’s popularity and influence continued to grow, leading to his successful bid in the state assembly elections in 2009. Representing the Dahisar constituency, he became a member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, further solidifying his position as a key figure in Maharashtra politics.

Throughout his political career, Ghosalkar has been a vocal advocate for the rights and interests of the Marathi-speaking people of Maharashtra. As a spokesperson for Shiv Sena, he has engaged in fiery debates and defended the party’s policies and actions in the media.

Vinod Ghosalkar Age, Son, Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Family, Children, Contact Number

Despite facing electoral setbacks, such as his defeat in the 2014 assembly elections, Ghosalkar has remained an active participant in Maharashtra politics. He has held various leadership positions within Shiv Sena, including the presidency of the party’s Dahisar unit and vice-presidency of the Mumbai unit.

Ghosalkar’s contributions to Shiv Sena’s agenda and coalition formations have been instrumental in shaping the political landscape of Maharashtra. His enduring commitment to the party’s principles and his tireless efforts to serve the people of Maharashtra have cemented his legacy as a prominent leader in Indian politics.

Vinod Ghosalkar Social Media Accounts

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Vinod Ghosalkar Facts

  • Vinod Ghosalkar’s political career spans over three decades, marked by his allegiance to Shiv Sena and his commitment to serving the people of Maharashtra.
  • He has been embroiled in controversies, including allegations of corruption and violence, but has maintained his innocence, attributing such accusations to political vendettas.
  • Beyond politics, Ghosalkar is a successful businessman, with interests in construction and hospitality sectors, amassing significant wealth over the years.
  • Tragically, his elder son, Abhishek Ghosalkar, was killed in a violent incident in 2024, highlighting the perils of political involvement in India.
  • Despite facing electoral defeats, Ghosalkar remains an influential figure in Maharashtra politics, contributing to the Shiv Sena’s agenda and coalition formations.
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Vinod Ghosalkar’s journey from a young political aspirant to a seasoned leader reflects the complexities of Indian politics. Despite facing numerous challenges and controversies, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to Shiv Sena and the people of Maharashtra. His story serves as a reminder of the highs and lows inherent in political and business pursuits, showcasing the resilience required to navigate such turbulent landscapes.

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Who shot Vinod Ghosalkar?

Vinod Ghosalkar was shot by a businessman and self-proclaimed ‘social activist’ named Mauris Noronha. After the incident, Noronha tragically took his own life.

Who was Abhishek Ghosalkar?

Abhishek Ghosalkar, aged 41, was the son of Vinod Ghosalkar, a former Shiv Sena MLA from Dahisar. Abhishek was elected as a corporator in 2012 in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). He was also a prominent youth leader of the Shiv Sena’s UBT from North Mumbai.

Why was Abhishek Ghosalkar shot dead?

Abhishek Ghosalkar was killed due to a personal dispute between him and Mauris Noronha. However, it’s worth noting that they had arranged a Facebook live event to resolve their differences and work together for the betterment of the IC Colony area.

What is the height of Vinod Ghosalkar?

Vinod Ghosalkar’s height is 5 feet 10 inches.

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