Who is Kate Chastain married to, is kate from below deck married, Husband, Relationship

Who is Kate Chastain married to, is kate from below deck married, Husband, Relationship

Who is Kate Chastain married to, is kate from below deck married, Husband, Relationship – The Below Deck franchise has captured the hearts of viewers with its captivating portrayal of the ups and downs in the lives of crew members working on luxurious yachts. One of the standout personalities on the show was Kate Chastain, known for her no-nonsense attitude and dedication to her role as Chief Stew. As fans followed her journey through multiple seasons, questions about her personal life naturally arose. Among the inquiries, the burning one remained: Is Kate Chastain married?

Who is Kate Chastain married to, is kate from below deck married, Husband, Relationship

Is Kate Chastain Married?

Kate Chastain‘s love life has been a topic of interest for many Below Deck enthusiasts. As of the latest information available, Kate seems to be flying solo. Scouring her Instagram reveals little about her current relationship status, leaving fans curious about her romantic endeavors. While Kate did share some on-screen flirtations with Chef Ben Robinson during her time on Below Deck, it’s important to note that their relationship has always been platonic. Recent rumors suggesting Ben as the father of Kate’s son Sullivan Cay, born in May 2023, have been debunked by Kate herself.

Interestingly, despite her on-screen persona, Kate Chastain has never walked down the aisle before. She has not disclosed any plans or desires to tie the knot in the future. Her focus, at least for now, seems to be on her role as a mother to her son and her life beyond the glamour of the yacht.

Who is Kate Chastain married to, is kate from below deck married, Husband, Relationship

Life Beyond Below Deck

While Kate Chastain may not have ventured into marital bliss, several other Below Deck alums have celebrated significant personal milestones outside the show. Let’s take a glimpse into the lives of a few notable crew members who’ve chosen to step away from the spotlight and focus on their personal journeys.

Hannah Ferrier Journey

Former Below Deck Mediterranean Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier found her happily ever after with Josh Roberts. The couple tied the knot in March 2022 and welcomed their first child, Ava Grace, into the world in October 2020. It seems that Hannah has seamlessly transitioned from managing demanding charter guests to embracing the joys of motherhood.

Amy Johnson Nuptials

Amy Johnson, who graced Below Deck in seasons 2 and 3, took a different route and exchanged vows with Ellis Lenthall in November 2020. Her journey on the high seas was followed by the tranquil waters of marital bliss, demonstrating that life’s adventures extend beyond the yacht.

Anastasia Surmava Wedding Bells

Below Deck Med season 4 third stew and chef Anastasia Surmava embarked on a new chapter by marrying Will Higginson in July 2022. Her culinary skills might have been showcased on the yacht, but her heart found its match in the real world. The wedding bells rang, marking a significant moment in Anastasia’s personal life.

Jenna MacGillivray Love Story

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 1 Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray’s wedding to Dave Cartmill took place in August 2023. While her time on the show might have involved managing a demanding crew, Jenna found the perfect first mate to navigate the waters of life.

Who is Kate Chastain married to, is kate from below deck married, Husband, Relationship

These personal stories from former Below Deck stars emphasize that life after the show is diverse and rewarding. From weddings to welcoming children, each alum has chosen a unique path that aligns with their personal goals and aspirations.

Kate Chastain Future Aspects

As the audience continues to speculate about Kate Chastain’s romantic future, it’s essential to acknowledge that everyone’s journey is unique. Kate’s decision to keep her personal life relatively private is a choice that many celebrities make in the age of constant media scrutiny.

Who is Kate Chastain married to, is kate from below deck married, Husband, Relationship

While Kate may not have disclosed her plans for marriage, it’s evident that she is embracing the role of a mother with the birth of her son Sullivan Cay. The joys of motherhood may be the current focus of her life, and she might choose to explore the path of marriage at her own pace.


In conclusion, the Below Deck franchise not only provides a peek into the dynamic world of yacht crews but also showcases the personal growth and milestones of its cast members. Whether it’s finding love, starting a family, or choosing a different career path, each alum’s story adds a layer of humanity to the glamorous world portrayed on the show. As fans eagerly await updates on Kate Chastain’s journey, they can take solace in the fact that life outside Below Deck is a vibrant tapestry of experiences for each cast member.

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Who did Kate on Below Deck marry?

Kate Chastain has never been married. She hasn’t walked down the aisle with anyone.

Who is Kate’s baby’s father in Below Deck?

Kate hasn’t revealed who the father of her child is. Despite keeping it private, some fans speculated that it might be her former co-star Ben Robinson when she shared a photo announcing Sullivan’s birth.

Are Kate and Ro still together?

No, Kate and Ro are no longer together. Kate has confirmed that she’s currently single. She mentioned in an interview that she has no plans for dating women in the near future.

Is Kate from Below Deck in jail?

Kate did confirm to the police that there was a physical dispute with someone named Ricio. However, after posting a $5,000 bond, she was released, and the charges against her were reportedly dropped. Kate expressed gratitude for the support and stated that the truth would eventually come out.

Why did Kate quit Below Deck?

Kate had been with Captain Lee since season 2, and she was excellent at her job as the chief stew. However, she decided to leave the show because she wasn’t happy with her career in that role. Kate had other goals and opportunities she wanted to pursue, so she made the decision to exit the series and explore a new job on land.

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