Why Vijayakumar Married Manjula, Vijayakumar First Wife

Why Vijayakumar Married Manjula, Vijayakumar First Wife

Why Vijayakumar Married Manjula, Vijayakumar First Wife – Manjula Vijayakumar, a renowned South Indian actress, found her love on the sets of “Unnidam Mayanguhiren” and tied the knot with actor Vijayakumar in 1976. This love story marked the beginning of a beautiful journey that led to a family filled with love and connections.

Why Vijayakumar Married Manjula, Vijayakumar First Wife
Why Vijayakumar Married Manjula, Vijayakumar First Wife

Vijayakumar & Manjula Relationship?

Manjula Vijayakumar, a popular South Indian actress, tied the knot with actor Vijayakumar in 1976. Their love story began on the sets of “Unnidam mayanguhiren,” and they have been married ever since. The couple shares three daughters: Vanitha, Pritha, and Sridevi Vijaykumar. Additionally, Vijayakumar has children from his previous marriage, namely Arun Vijay, Anitha, and Kavitha. Manjula’s elder sister’s children, Sanjeev and Sindhu, are also part of the extended family.

Manjula Vijayakumar has made a significant mark in the South Indian film industry, having acted in over 100 films across Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada languages. Her journey in the film industry has been intertwined with her personal life, particularly her enduring marriage with actor Vijayakumar.

Their love story blossomed during the filming of “Unnidam mayanguhiren,” and they decided to spend their lives together. The couple’s union resulted in the birth of three daughters: Vanitha, Pritha, and Sridevi Vijaykumar. However, their family extends beyond the immediate members, with Vijayakumar’s children from his previous marriage also becoming part of their shared journey. Arun Vijay, Anitha, and Kavitha contribute to the diverse and blended family that Manjula and Vijayakumar have nurtured over the years.

In addition to their own children, Manjula Vijayakumar has embraced her role as an aunt to Sanjeev and Sindhu, the children of her elder sister. Sanjeev and Sindhu, being Manjula’s nephew and niece, hold a special place in the family dynamics, adding another layer of connection and love.

Manjula’s impact in the film industry spans multiple South Indian languages, including Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Her versatile acting career has seen her play diverse roles in over 100 films. This not only reflects her talent but also showcases the widespread recognition and appreciation she has garnered throughout her career.

The love story between Manjula and Vijayakumar serves as a foundation for their enduring marriage. The fact that their romance originated on a film set adds a touch of serendipity to their journey. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, their commitment to each other has stood the test of time.

The family dynamics are a unique blend of relationships, with children from previous marriages, nieces, and nephews all forming an integral part of the larger family tapestry. Arun Vijay, as Vijayakumar’s son from his first marriage, holds a special place in Manjula’s heart, bridging the gap between past and present.

As Manjula navigates her roles on and off-screen, her influence extends not only to her immediate family but also to the wider network of relations she has built. The inclusion of nieces and nephews highlights the warmth and inclusivity that characterize the family unit.

Manjula Death:

Why Vijayakumar Married Manjula, Vijayakumar First Wife
Why Vijayakumar Married Manjula, Vijayakumar First Wife

Manjula Vijayakumar passed away on July 23, 2013, at SRMC in Chennai. Her demise resulted from falling from bed, leading to hospital admission. The cause of death was a combination of kidney failure and a blood clot in the stomach. This unfortunate incident marked the end of the acclaimed actress’s life, leaving behind a legacy in the South Indian film industry.


In conclusion, Manjula Vijayakumar’s life is a mosaic of personal and professional triumphs. Her marriage with actor Vijayakumar, born out of a shared love for cinema, has endured over the decades. Their family, comprising their own children and those from previous marriages, reflects the richness of blended relationships. Manjula’s contribution to the South Indian film industry further solidifies her legacy. As she continues to navigate the realms of family and cinema, her journey stands as a testament to enduring love, versatile talent, and the intricate tapestry of familial bonds.

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Does Vijaykumar have two wives?

Yes, Vijayakumar has two wives, Muthukannu and Manjula. From his first wife, he has a son named Arun Vijay and daughters Kavitha and Anitha. His second wife, Manjula, is the mother of his daughters Vanitha, Preetha, and Sridevi.

What happened to Manjula Vijayakumar?

Manjula Vijayakumar passed away on 23 July 2013 at SRMC in Chennai. She fell from bed, got admitted to the hospital, and unfortunately, she succumbed to kidney failure and a blood clot in the stomach.

Who is the first daughter of Vijaykumar?

Vanitha is the eldest daughter of Vijayakumar and his second wife, Manjula. She has two younger sisters, Preetha and Sridevi. All three of them were former actresses.

What happened to Vanitha Vijaykumar?

Vanitha Vijaykumar was reportedly injured in a physical assault related to Pradeep Antony’s expulsion protest. The attack, allegedly by a supporter of Pradeep Antony, caused her pain. Despite this, Vanitha hesitated to report the incident to the police.

How old is Vanitha Vijayakumar?

Vanitha Vijayakumar is currently 43 years old, born on 5 October 1980.

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