K Shivaram IAS Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Family, Death, Age, Daughter, Wife, Health, Rank, Life Story, Children

K Shivaram IAS Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Family, Death, Age, Daughter, Wife, Health, Rank, Life Story, Children

K Shivaram IAS Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Family, Death, Age, Daughter, Wife, Health, Rank, Life Story, Children – In the realm of versatile personalities, K. Shivaram, also known as Shivaramu Kempaiah, stands as an emblem of dedication and accomplishment. His journey through bureaucracy, acting, and politics paints a vivid picture of a life rich in experiences and contributions. In this detailed exploration, we delve into the various facets of K. Shivaram’s life, from his early years to his lasting legacy.

K Shivaram IAS Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Family, Death, Age, Daughter, Wife, Health, Rank, Life Story, Children
K Shivaram IAS Wikipedia, Biography, Wiki, Family, Death, Age, Daughter, Wife, Health, Rank, Life Story, Children

K Shivaram Biography:

NameShivaramu Kempaiah
NicknameK. Shivaram
BirthdateApril 6, 1953
Age of DeathApprox 70 Years Old
BirthplaceUrugahalli, Ramanagar district, Karnataka
ProfessionIAS officer, actor, producer, politician
Zodiac SignPisces
Net Worth20 Crore to 40 Crore

K Shivaram Early Life & Background:

Born on April 6, 1953, in the serene village of Urugahalli, located in Ramanagar district, Karnataka, K. Shivaram’s early life was shaped by the simplicity of rural living. His father, the late S. Kempaiah, was a talented drama master, and his mother, Chikkaboramma, provided the familial support that would later become a cornerstone of Shivaram’s success. Despite humble beginnings, Shivaram’s upbringing instilled in him values of hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to education.

K Shivaram Education Qualification:

Shivaram’s academic journey commenced at the Government High School in Malleswaram, Bangalore. Post completing his high school, he entered the state government service in 1972. Determined to balance work and education, Shivaram pursued higher studies, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from V. V. Puram Evening College of Arts & Commerce. Undeterred by the demands of a full-time job, he earned a Master of Arts (History) degree through correspondence from the open university of Mysore in 1982. This academic rigor set the stage for his illustrious career.

High SchoolMalleshwaram Government School
College B.A.,V. V. Puram Evening College of Arts & Commerce
University M.A., Open University of Mysore

K Shivaram Family Background:

Rooted in a family that cherished cultural pursuits, Shivaram’s early exposure to drama and the arts through his father laid the foundation for his later ventures into acting. The nurturing environment of his family, though humble, provided the emotional support crucial for Shivaram’s multifaceted career.

FatherS. Kempaiah
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseVani Shivaram
ChildrenOne daughter

K Shivaram Relationship Status:

Beyond his professional endeavors, K. Shivaram had a rich personal life that centered around his values and cultural heritage. Known for his humility and affable nature, he forged connections that extended beyond the realms of his professional associations. His personal life was marked by a deep-seated commitment to his roots, evident in his various contributions to Karnataka’s cultural landscape.

Shivaram’s personal life reached its pinnacle in the realm of relationships. He was survived by his wife, Vani Shivaram, and a daughter. The union of his daughter with Kannada actor Pradeep exemplifies the intertwining of familial ties within the Kannada entertainment industry. Shivaram’s commitment to family mirrored his dedication to his work and cultural heritage.

K Shivaram Net Worth:

K. Shivaram, the accomplished figure, held a net worth ranging between 20 to 40 Crore. His financial success, accrued through a multifaceted career spanning bureaucracy, acting, and politics, attests to a life of substantial achievements. While specific details remain private, the breadth of his contributions reflects not only a rich professional journey but also financial success in the realm of cultural and political landscapes.

K Shivaram Career Beginnings:

Shivaram’s career unfolded as a tapestry of accomplishments across three distinct domains: bureaucracy, acting, and politics.

Career in Bureaucracy: Entering the state government service in 1972, Shivaram’s journey in bureaucracy began. His commitment to education and public service culminated in his success in the Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) exam in 1985, marking the start of his official duties as Deputy Superintendent of Police. In 1986, he etched his name in history by becoming the first person to pass the UPSC exam in Kannada, showcasing his dedication to his native language.

Acting Career: While excelling in bureaucracy, Shivaram entered the world of cinema with his debut in the 1993 hit ‘Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake,’ directed by Nagathihalli Chandrashekar. His acting career, though marked by challenges in subsequent projects, earned him recognition and affection from Kannada movie enthusiasts. His filmography includes notable works such as ‘Vasantha Kavya,’ ‘Sangliyana Part–3,’ and ‘Tiger,’ demonstrating his versatility as an actor.

Political Ventures: Retiring from bureaucratic duties in 2013 as the Bengaluru regional commissioner, Shivaram ventured into politics. His political affiliations evolved from the Congress party to the Janata Dal (Secular) and eventually the Bharatiya Janata Party. Despite facing challenges, including an unsuccessful bid in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Bijapur, Shivaram remained an active participant in Karnataka’s political landscape, contributing to the BJP’s state executive committee.

K Shivaram Social Media:

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K Shivaram Death:

In the later years of his life, Shivaram faced multiple health issues, undergoing treatment for an extended period. Tragically, he succumbed to a heart attack on February 29, 2024, at the age of 70. His passing marked the end of an era, leaving a void in Karnataka’s bureaucratic, cinematic, and political spheres.

K Shivaram Facts:

  • Shivaram was the first person in India to clear the IAS Exam in the Kannada language, reflecting his commitment to his roots.
  • Despite facing challenges in his acting career, Shivaram’s role in the 1993 hit ‘Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake’ remains iconic.
  • His political journey spanned multiple parties, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to public service.


K. Shivaram’s life was a journey of dedication, versatility, and unwavering commitment to his cultural heritage. From his early years in Urugahalli to the corridors of power in bureaucracy and the glitz of the cinema screen, Shivaram’s legacy transcends the ordinary. His passing may have left a void, but the impact of his contributions in bureaucracy, acting, and politics will continue to resonate through Karnataka’s rich tapestry of culture and governance. In remembering K. Shivaram, we celebrate a life lived to the fullest and a legacy that endures beyond the confines of time.

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Who is K Shivaram?

K Shivaram, also known as Shivramu Kempaiah, was a person known for his versatile roles in different fields. He was not only an IAS officer but also made a mark in the world of acting and politics. Born on April 6, 1953, in Uragalli, Ramanagara District, he had a career that spanned bureaucracy, cinema, and public service.

Why did K Shivaram died?

K Shivaram passed away at the age of 70 in Bengaluru on February 29. He had been facing multiple health issues and was undergoing treatment at a private hospital for an extended period. Unfortunately, he couldn’t recover, leaving behind his wife and daughter.

Who is first Kannada IAS officer?

K Shivaram holds the distinction of being the first person to clear the UPSC exam in Kannada. This is a significant achievement, showing his dedication to his native language. Apart from his bureaucratic accomplishments, he also actively participated in politics, contributing to the welfare of the people in Karnataka.

Where was the officer bk shivaram born?

Shivramu was born on April 6, 1953, in Uragalli, Ramanagara District. His early life in this district shaped the foundation of his diverse and accomplished career.

What are the movies of IAS Shivram?

Aside from his bureaucratic career, Shivaram showcased his acting skills in various movies. Some notable films include Sharapanjara (1971), Shubha Mangala (1975), Nagarhole (1977), Guru Shishyaru (1981), Vasantha Kavya (1996), Sangliyana Part-3 (1997), Huccha (2001), O Prema Devathe (2007), Yakshaprashne (2016), and Mukunda Murari (2016).

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